Creating Your Home & Garden Room Gym Design Guide

March 19, 2023 3 min read

Home Gym design plan view

Ensure your area can serve as an efficient Home Gym. 

Design your home or garden room gym to maximise its flow & efficiency and ensure the full advantages of a home gym design work for you. Failure to carefully create an effective home gym may lead to a "room full of equipment" rather than a right-sized exercise space. Pay attention to detail to maximise the results of your home gym.

  • Workout if zoning of the gym is appropriate, with distinct areas for strength training and cardiovascular machines.
  • Do you have the correct positioning of your gym flooring, to suit your aesthetics and equipment choice?
  • Ensure adequate space exists behind cardio equipment and that sockets are located in an appropriate position to eliminate cables trailing along the floor. 
  • Are your mirrors situated in an optimal location, explore our mirror guide for ideas.
  • Does your bench and squat rack lie directly beneath any lighting , so causing glare?

 Our gym design service enables you to achieve your goals, by relying on precise details taken early in the process to create the perfect space. Our design experts make use of cutting-edge design tools to take clients from initial concept to equipment arrangement and final design.


NOHRD home gym and TV


Will the space provide you with inspiration?


Having established the key components required to design your exercise space, our team of experts can then help you to personalise the space. We understand that the perfect home gym should promote better quality of life as well as motivation. Through mindful consideration of the finishes of your walls and floors, the ambience of the lighting and the atmosphere imparted by air quality and fragrance, we can help you to create a stimulating environment.


Is the equipment suited to your fitness goals and lifestyle?


It is of utmost importance to select equipment that you will actually use. For example, if muscle-building is the aim, strength-training pieces like dumbbells and other free weights would be more advantageous than a treadmill. Even though a treadmill might be attractive, it may be better to join a running mate for outdoor jogs; however if space and budget allow then of course we can build that in, choose the right equipment you will use most often.

Our personal trainers if needed can  assist you in choosing the exercise equipment that best fulfills your physical activity and lifestyle requirements.

 Our selection of health and fitness equipment is comprehensive & diverse enough to meet any training requirement, from a single set of dumbbells to a complete home gym.


Find the right space


Before repurposing a room, you must assess whether it is suitable for your needs. Many people modify their basements, garages, lofts, and extra rooms, but careful planning is essential beforehand.

  A highly desirable solution is adding a garden building to extend your home. Repurposing an existing building is an option, yet it may be more prudent to invest in a purpose-built structure. This will ensure all the needs for a perfect home gym--including windows, doors, and heating--will be met. Additionally, we can build your garden room & provide your garden room gym design with the necessary fitness equipment and finishing touches that will turn it into a fully functioning gym with specialist finishes.


Nohrd family in low res


Quality is Crucial

 Your home gym should be constructed for long term use. It exists to facilitate improvement and comfort, so its décor and gym equipment should express that. An investment in home-gym equipment is an investment in your own and your family's wellbeing and health. Your home gym should motivate you and the caliber of equipment and finishes will have an effect. A superior home gym does not only depend on visuals, but also its impact on you.

Gain peace of mind knowing that our team will create remarkable home gyms to match your needs, ones that work optimally and look and feel inviting so that you can exercise comfortably.


Creating Your Consultation

If you wish to contact us for any reason, our dedicated team of customer service experts are here to help.

Please either fill in the contact form or send us a message using our online chat at the right-hand side of the screen. Our Customer Service Online Chat is available 7 days a week from 9am-8pm. If your enquiry relates to an existing order, please include your order number.