Our Mirror Guide & Services

June 18, 2023 4 min read

Our Mirror Guide & Services

Initial Mirror Considerations

 We've created a comprehensive list of considerations to think about when purchasing mirrors for either our home gym designs or commercial  gyms. First, let's address the obvious question: Why is a mirror necessary in your gym? The quick answer is that it aids in checking form, motivational measuring and progress monitoring during workouts. The more comprehensive response is that mirrors are necessary for every exercise plan.

The simplest explanation is that using a mirror allows you to ensure your form. You might not achieve the outcomes you were hoping for if you exercise with improper form. In the worst situation, you can suffer  injuries.

Of course, one of the best ways to inspire yourself every day is by looking in the mirror. When you can see your fitness improvement from week to week and day to day, it gives you a strong incentive to work out even more.

Size: The size of the mirror will depend on the size of your gym and the type of activities you will be using it for. If you are using the mirror for yoga or Pilates, you will need a taller mirror so you can see your full body. If you are using the mirror for weight lifting, you will need a wider mirror so you can see your entire range of motion.

Thickness: The thickness of the mirror will affect its durability and safety. A thicker mirror will be more resistant to breaking if it is bumped or knocked.

Material: Mirrors are typically made of glass or acrylic. Glass mirrors are more reflective, but they are also more fragile. Acrylic mirrors are less reflective, but they are also more durable.

Frame: You could consider  framing the mirror, it can be made of wood, metal, or plastic. Wood frames are the most traditional, but they can be more expensive. Metal frames are more durable, but they can also be more reflective. Plastic frames are the least expensive, but they may not be as durable.

Mounting: The mirror will need to be mounted to the wall. You can choose from a variety of mounting methods, such as screw-in mounts, adhesive mounts, or hanging mounts.

Here are some additional tips for buying a mirror for your gym:

  • Consider the lighting in your gym. If the lighting is poor, you will need a mirror with a high reflectiveness.
  • If you are using the mirror for weight lifting, you will need a mirror that is free of distortion.
  • Make sure the mirror is the right size for your needs. You don't want a mirror that is too small or too large.
  • Choose a mirror that is made of a durable material. You don't want a mirror that will break easily.
  • Consider the style of your gym. You want a mirror that will complement the overall look of your gym.

 Various Options we Provide for Home & Commercial Gyms

For our supply Pilkington Optimirror™ OW safety-backed mirrors, they are compliant with the most recent British and European safety standards. They are supplied with polished and rubbed edges, which, when installed, create a high-quality finish. Additionally, they are the latest low-iron Pilkington mirrors, which appear whiter and brighter than regular mirrors.

ASM Wall mounted

Wall Fixed Mirrors

Pilkington Opitmirror safety backed glass mirror - 6mm

Safety backed glass mirror is available in the following standard sizes:

  • 2440 mm x 1220 mm – (8 ft x 4 ft)
  • 2000 mm x 1220 mm – (6 ft 6 inch x 4 ft)

Bespoke sizes -  Please contact us with your requirements – we are able to supply bespoke sizes to fit any situation.

We can also supply

  • Quantity / bulk orders
  • Special delivery requirements

 Portable Mirrors

We provide mirrors  from ASM who are the preferred portable mirror supplier for many of the UK’s dance schools, sports centres, colleges and universities.

Our portable mirrors are made using Pilkington Optimirror™ OW Protect safety backed mirrors which conform to British and EU safety standards. They come with a black powder coated metal frame on legs with lockable caster wheels and are 1900mm high x 1150mm wide (6ft x 4ft)


  • Ergonomic design
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Robust steel frame
  • Pilkington Optimirror glass mirror providing excellent reflective quality and scratch resistance
  • Shatter-resistant glass mirror conforms to British Standards
  • Lockable wheels
  • Supplied and assembled on-site with a 1-year warranty

  • ASM Mirror with Barre

    Ballet Barres

    We can supply and install a range of fixed and portable Ballet Barres to suit your requirements. if  you need to understand more  read our Barres and gym considerations feature

    Our professional studio range of Freestand Barres are lightweight but extremely sturdy. They come supplied with adjustable feet to allow for uneven floors. Constructed from aluminium and finished in smooth silver with an option of either beech or aluminium barre. Additional components can easily be added to make the Barre longer or to create right angles or shapes.

    Specialist brackets including ‘Under Window’ and ‘Floor Mounted’ are also available to order. Custom designed brackets and non-stock colours can be manufactured to your specification. Please contact us with your requirements.
    All prices subject to delivery charge.

    Please Note - Our Ballet barres are only supplied and installed in conjunction with our mirrors.


    Ballet Barre Brackets (available in black, grey and white)

    • Single 
    • Double

    Wooden Barres

    • 150cm – Beech 
    • 230cm – Beech

    Freestanding Barre

    • Small (132cm) 
    • Medium (182cm) 
    • Large (360cm)

      Chequer Plate

      Aluminium chequer plate is lightweight, durable and creates effective protection for gym walls. It is the perfect solution for protecting mirrors in areas such as free-weights.

      It can also provide a decorative effect below or around mirrors, as you can see from some of our previous installations – it can really enhance a modern look to any gym.

      Chequer plate is only installed in conjunction with our mirrors.

      Creating Your Consultation

      If you wish to contact us for any reason, our dedicated team of customer service experts are here to help.

      Please either fill in the contact form or send us a message using our online chat at the right-hand side of the screen. Our Customer Service Online Chat is available 7 days a week from 9am-8pm. If your enquiry relates to an existing order, please include your order number.