Quality Gym Design

Customising or Personalising your Gym Space

Creating that something special Or uniqueness for your Gym space


 We are now well-equipped to provide customized solutions for home or commercial gyms, many of which can be sourced in the UK, offering shorter lead-times and greater ease of management. Moreover, our team stands ready to collaborate and work together with our suppliers to ensure a seamless service with a personal touch.

 We carefully assess the entire market to select the best products for each client when creating their gym. If a ready-made solution from our portfolio is unavailable, our UK/European manufacturing partners enable us to provide a bespoke solution.

We take extraordinary pride in our ability to design custom solutions for clients, from refining branding and color schemes to engineering customized storage solutions.

Our design specialists dedicate themselves to creating innovative, high-quality products tailored to each client's individual needs, exceeding industry standards and delivering a truly unique product.





No matter the ceiling height or room dimensions, our design and engineering team can modify certain equipment to fit your precise specifications. 

A common issue is with strength equipment such as Dual Adjustable Pulleys, we have the 3 standard height versions 2m, 2.2m & 2.38m, however we can adjust to suit and even change the width. So you can take comfort that we can fit items if needed into your more challenging areas and therefore not compromising your decision.

Alternatively, we can craft a bespoke piece of equipment - from racks, rigs and storage solutions to a mix of all three, or even a station strength piece. Our design team uses the highest quality materials and latest engineering techniques to provide a safe and effective piece of custom equipment tailored to your individual needs with the highest precision.





Watson Dumbbells customising

We can even add your logo to Olympic weightlifting plates and dumbbells. These can be using Rubber or Urethane or why not consider the outstanding Watson Stainless Steel versions. The customized plates and dumbbells are built to last, providing unbeatable performance for your weightlifting and strength training needs.





Watson stitching & Upholstery


 No need to settle for a plain black upholstered bench. We can personalise one with your logo, or make it something special with a quilted "Bentley" feel. If you want to stand out, consider varying both the colours of the surfaces and the stitching.



watson colour chart

Produce your own unique, bespoke equipment with custom frame and upholstery colors, thanks to our custom-crafted designs. Everything is made to order, ensuring a quality result. Most equipment allows the opportunity for a main colour and a secondary highlight colour, and the finish can be matt, gloss, or textured or finished in its machined form giving it a real edge .If your considering putting it outside we can galvanise or finish in Zinc.

Choose from a wide range of options, from finish to color, to create a unique piece of equipment that suits your specific needs. You can also choose from a variety of textures and machining to add an extra touch of sophistication to your product. Plus, with optional galvanization zinc finishing, so you can trust the durability of the product even when placed outside.





Custom branding can be implemented via embroidered logos on upholstery and laser-cut logo plates on our racks, rigs, and storage solutions, offering a unique way to make your training area stand out.




Custom flooring

Many of our flooring options offer the chance for custom colours, designs and branding, whether that’s functional markings and logos, custom layouts for turf tracks, or logos on weightlifting platforms.  You can trust that our flooring solutions are made with the best quality, using durable and long-lasting materials. Each of our options are also customizable, letting you design your space exactly how you want.

Creating Your Consultation

If you wish to contact us for any reason, our dedicated team of customer service experts are here to help.

Please either fill in the contact form or send us a message using our online chat at the right-hand side of the screen. Our Customer Service Online Chat is available 7 days a week from 9am-8pm. If your enquiry relates to an existing order, please include your order number.