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Our Garden Room Gym Design Process

Step 1 - Reflect

Create a Free Consultation, in person on site, instore or "virtual" to suit you & your timeline. We will listen to any equipment & design ideas you have if not we will develop it from a blank canvas with you.

With over 20 years equipment & design experience, you will realise quickly, we can handle any questions about product choice, budget costings and timing at this stage to put your minds at rest.

Step 2 - Reinvent

Once we have created your brief, we'll document every corner of your space, to maximise functionality you need. We will then provide you with FREE 2/ 3D Drawings to allow you to see your space come alive.

Step 3 - Refine

Working with your feedback, we will continue to hone your design to final draft, it maybe a layout tweak or choose a different brand of flooring or equipment. At the end of this stage we will have a deliverable product choice and layout/design to work with.

Step 4 - Reveal

This phase is all about delivery & Installation, working with agreed timelines, whether its to dovetail with any building work your having done or fitting into your busy lives.

Our business is founded on being relentlessly client focused. So you'll always know 2 things, what's going on - and that its all in hand. The result will be a stunning garden room gym for you, your family or friends to workout & enjoy.

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Our Gym Design Commitment

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