Equipment for a Crossfit Garage Gym Space

March 24, 2023 4 min read

Equipment for a Crossfit Garage Gym Space

If you choose to  buy  Cross Fit Gym Equipment    to create or we can design a CrossFit Gym in your own garage instead of maintaining a membership, we highly recommend it; the convenience of having it at home can’t be beat. Necessary equipment for a home gym is minimal and does not include large machines. There are some compact CrossFit Cardio Machines to consider as well such as an Air Bike, Curve Treadmill or Ski Erg, we have a comprehensive range which we can walk through with you if needed.

For optimum workouts, make sure to invest in quality durable equipment from the start. This not only ensures your safety, but also prevents the need for frequent replacements.

How Much Space Do You Need For a Crossfit Gym?

The great advantage of assembling a Crossfit home gym is the limited area required. Even just a few square feet of room can be utilised to perform barbell exercises like deadlifts, cleans, and jerks.

Equipment such as jump ropes, pull-up bars, kettlebells and plyometric boxes require minimal space, allowing for the execution of various exercises without difficulty. However, it is advisable to have a higher ceiling if jumping rope is part of your regime, especially if you are tall.

It is beneficial to measure the dimensions of equipment, such as a power rack, bench and battle rope station, prior to purchasing in order to ensure that it is suitable for the  area you intend on using.

Top 10 Equipment Items for CrossFit Garage Gyms

Olympic barbell, plates/weights, and a pull-up bar should be the three primary purchases when setting up a home CrossFit gym. These will require the bulk of the investment, and with them in place the rest of the equipment can be bought in due course. In the case of limited funds, prioritize the bar as the first purchase.

 Olympic Barbell

Standard Olympic barbells for men weigh 20 kg, while those for women weigh 15 kg, with a smaller shaft diameter of 25 mm as compared to the 28-29 mm range found on men's bars. Buy the variant that best suits your grip. In addition, knurling should factor into your decision - while good for powerlifting, center knurling can cause hand lacerations during high-rep lifts such as clean and jerks.

Jordan Olympic Plate and Bar for crossfit

Bumper Plates

Purchase bumper plates for your barbell  as the rise of the CrossFit movement has prompted an increase in the competition of this market and thus a decrease in cost for these plates. To save yourself from the cost of extra purchases in the future, it's wise to invest in a larger set from the beginning, rather than only buying what you can lift at the moment.


Jordan Rack for crossfit in your garage

 Pull-Up Bar / Power Rack

In your garage gym, a Power Rack  ensures that no lift is too heavy for a safe performance of bench press, back squats, rack pulls, and more.

Pull-up and chin-up bar options

However you pursue it, pull-ups & chin-ups,  require a place of execution. This is critical to CrossFit and necessary for any training program you pick. Strengthening your lats is necessary and a pull-bar is the simplest way to get there. Furthermore, pull-up rigs may be ideal for hanging your gymnastic rings.

Man using battlerope

 Battle Rope

Battle ropes  are an alternative; a viable choice. Many workout facilities and gyms host battle ropes as they are excellent for a HIIT program like CrossFit. Battle ropes offer one of the most strenuous cardio exercises possible.

Gymnastic Rings

Gymnastic rings are an essential piece of equipment for CrossFit gyms, used to strengthen the upper body through movements such as muscle ups, front levers, ring dips, ring rows and more. Rings can be crafted from wood, plastic or metal, each option providing a unique feel and experience. Economically priced, rings are an affordable solution for any home cross fit gym.


A full set of kettlebells for CrossFit workouts may seem costly  to start with, yet you don't necessarily require numerous kettlebells to begin with. Purchase a couple of weights that work for you and then gradually add more as your capability increases.

Escape Black box for crossfit

Plyometric Box

Various types of plyo boxes. wood, metal, and flippable 3-1 Plyo boxes are available in many varieties: wood, foam, metal, adjustable, angled, and so on – and heights vary from 12″ to 30″. Use them for box jumps, step ups, or even for box squats. 

Medicine Ball / Slam Ball

Med balls serve multiple purposes, primarily wallballs. In addition, they can be utilised for cleans, push-ups, weighted core workouts such as the plank, or for throwing to a partner. Certain Power Racks, can  feature a wallball target that attaches to the rack. If a durable exercise ball with a dead bounce is preferred, slam balls are an alternative.

Jordan Flat Bench for crossfit

 Utility/Weight Bench

Owning a flat utility bench can be beneficial for CrossFit and WODs, offering a host of exercises when used in combination with a power rack; these include bench pressing, ab workouts, skull crushers, dumbbell rows, and seated shoulder presses.

Glute Ham Developer (GHD)

As the name implies, the glute ham developer is a great piece of equipment for developing the glutes, hamstrings, core and lower back.  The most common exercises performed on the GHD are the glute ham raises and glute ham sit-ups. It is an amazing piece of equipment that should ultimately be considered for any gym.

Cardio Suggestions For a Crossfit Garage Gym

Concept 2 Rower

The Concept 2 Model D Rower has been a reliable choice among CrossFitters for years, but it has achieved particularly heightened popularity since its use in the CrossFit Games.

Hammer Strength Air Bike for crossfit


Air Bike

The HD Air Bikeprovides a good option for exercising safely. As well as CrossFit could potentially be a great tool for rehabilitation as it provides safe movement with no impact. It also allows the area of the injury to move and provide blood flow to the area to aid in recovery.



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