Students needs and planning for their University Gym

February 01, 2023 3 min read

Planning for university gym with escape

Student housing has evolved drastically over time, differing considerably from the uninviting, chilly quarters of past college students.

Today, instead of simply searching for housing, students are seeking an experience that adds to their lifestyle. Attitudes have also shifted - previously, the student bar would be the main hangout spot, but now, it must compete with establishments such as the gym and organized exercise activities.

Nowadays, wellbeing, fitness, and health are all integral components in the lives of modern students; consequently, when deciding where to reside or attend university, they will carefully consider whether the necessary facilities for leading a healthy lifestyle are available. 

Incorporating an on-site gym is essential to facilitating a successful academic experience for students. Exercise is a known contributor to better performance and personal wellbeing, and a convenient gym that is open long hours or twenty-four-seven is an important part of addressing student schedules.

 Today's students are surrounded by an abundance of distractions, such as on-demand television and social media notifications, not to mention the attraction of student associations. With such sedentary lifestyles, physical activity is essential for a students’ overall wellness and academic success. New student complexes feature premium luxuries, firmly establishing high-end amenities as an expectation.


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Planning a gym for students? Consider these tips.

 Typical goals for student gyms - Whether you are starting from scratch or want to refurbish current facilities, we always start by establishing clear goals for what the gym needs to achieve.

 What sporting societies or clubs are popular at your university? What tools can help them achieve their physical goals? How can exercise help your students manage stress and improve academic performance? Will it also foster social interaction?

 Common objectives for higher learning institutions typically involve:

  •  Enhance student wellness and physical health.
  • Enable progress with developing life skills such as self-control and goal-setting.
  • Enhance physical endurance.
  • Boost revenue for the university;
  • Increase likelihood of success for university-level sports teams and clubs.
  • Increase student satisfaction;

From just a few considerations, you can gain a strong idea of what your target audience are looking for; however, a survey sent electronically or conducted by staff in the gym can offer an abundance of insight and will help you to create an establishment to suit your students.

 Gathering input from Student Body /  Student Union representatives,

Consulting the student union in the design of your student gym is a smart move; they are well-positioned to identify which activities and exercises are currently popular among students, so you can ensure your facility meets their need's

This could additionally present potential for your gym to serve as a multifunctional area for unique occurrences. such as tournaments, like Gym Triathlons among local universities.

Once the objectives are outlined and you gain a comprehensive understanding of the desires of your student audience, it's time to initiate the space planning process and decide which  type of Commercial Fitness & Strength Gym Equipment is to be included  in your University Gym Design.

 Visualising your space with 2/3D Designs

 When constructing a new gym, consulting a gym designer to ensure all necessary requirements are included in the design is paramount. If a preexisting gym is being renovated, however, reconfiguring the space to accommodate existing equipment and patrons can be challenging without the guidance of a knowledgeable gym designer.

 Our University Gym Designers  are experienced in optimising the allocated area with the right blend of equipment for your space and students needs. They can also deploy savvy solutions to make sure the gym is luminous, airy, and risk-free. The designers will have expertise in employing mirrors to reflect light and aid students in training securely while comprehending how physical activity is altering their bodies.

 Design of the changing area is integral for securing a successful gym. It's the space that will either promote regular use or forever deter gym goers, thus making it necessary to properly equip the area.

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 Building your Gym for the long term

 Designers will plan for low-cost, easy maintenance from the beginning of the gym project. Optimising student gym usage and staying current with fitness trends can greatly enhance the students experience. 

Boasting decades of experience in the industry, and having completed hundreds of gym projects, the 'Training Station' team has the expertise required to answer any queries related to gym construction for students.

Their team of experts can provide advice on how to maximize the cost-efficiency of your project while ensuring students have access to the latest fitness trends and equipment.

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