Considering a Training Rig? - Buyers Guide

February 15, 2023 6 min read

Considering a Training Rig?  - Buyers Guide

Functional Training has been the leading fitness trend of the past decade, and it is undeniable. Training the body in ways that imitate daily activities can bring about positive improvements in overall health and fitness.

These Steel training Rigs feature numerous pillars and bars enabling the user to perform whole-body exercises. Exceptionally sturdy and reliable, these rigs are employed for conditioning, weight loss, and boot camp circuits.Widely utilised by the armed forces, these rigs are frequently seen on Royal Navy vessels.

Rigorous training can be effectively coordinated, as most rigs are modular, thereby allowing for limitless set-up possibilities. Generally, components include monkey bars, a tri-post structure and wall bars, with capacity for 8-12 users and 10 exercise destinations.

Functional training rigs provide wide-ranging usability, serving as a tool for a variety of exercises, such as:

  • Squat racks
  • Circuit-style training involves utilising punch bags, ropes, suspension systems, kick punch bags, and attachments.
  • This cross fit training station contains ropes, freeweights, gym rings, and kettlebells to facilitate group workouts.


This Functional Training Rig Buying Guide will explore the growth of functional training and its impact on the production of home and gym equipment, with an emphasis on its increasing presence in CrossFit boxes. We'll delve into the details of this key piece of equipment that has become a staple of contemporary facilities.


Functional Training Rig Features

The versatility of functional rigs contributes to their growing popularity; coaches can use them for creative workouts, motivating users to perform natural body weight exercises bolstered by functional training equipment.

We cannot detail every feature of contemporary functional training rigs, however, it is worth noting primary and secondary features of such equipment.

Primary Features

  • Pull Up Bar - Essential for pull ups and other functional training, this serves as an anchor or frame for accessories.
  • J Hooks or Half Rack - This provides a weightlifting station experience to the user; they can adjust the bar's starting height with a heavily loaded rig, suitable for users of all sizes.
  • Spotter Arms - Half racks provide extra safety by equipping them with spotter arms, enabling an easier and safer execution of heavy squatting and isolation exercises.
  • Monkey Bars/Wings - Monkey bars and wings provide an ideal progression for pull-up exercises as well as an efficient way to attach and anchor accessories.

At the more simple end of the training rig spectrum you have a variety of options that consist of metal structures, somewhat resembling scaffolding which provide a secure pull up bar that can accommodate up to 10 even 20 individuals using it at once.

The addition of J-hooks enables the uprights holding the horizontal bars to double as Half Racks or Squat Stands, optimising available space and eliminating the need for multiple independent racks and stands, which is especially helpful in crowded, multi-station functional gyms.

J-hooks and spotter arms are essential for Olympic lift-based training, and are often included with half racks. Spotter arms ensure safety when members are training in groups or using the gym during open times without the presence of a coach.

Secondary Features

The versatility of a functional training rig is further increased by its secondary features, offering a broad array of options for outfitting your box. This guide does not cover all potential attachments or accessories, but it does provide an overview of what to consider.

  • Dip Attachments  Typically, these are connected to one of the uprights of the framework using a J-hook-like structure.
  • Plyometric Platforms  The attachment hooks into the vertical posts of the rig, allowing for users of varying heights to adjust accordingly.
  • Gymnastics Rings  Securely fastened to your apparatus with straps and a buckle, these enable athletes to complete arduous gymnastics and body weight exercises such as ring muscle ups and ring dips.
  • Boxing Bags  As part of HIITs, boxing drills can be effective for conditioning, meaning the option of including a boxing bag or its attachment is provided.
  • Cable Strength Machines  Increasingly, dual adjustable pulleys such as this functional cable strength machine are being utilized in rigs for their capability to supply variety and their failure to occupy additional gym real estate with resistance technology.
  • Rebounders and Wall Ball Targets  Our overhead wall ball targets and ground level medicine ball rebounders are optimal for explosive, full-body exercises, making them ideal complements to functional rigs.
  • Battle Rope Anchors  Securely thread the rope through a fixed eyelet or hook at the base of your rig for more stability than looping through handles or around plyo boxes.
  • Pivot Attachments  Pivot points are an excellent core training aid, allowing trainers to instruct multiple levels of compound and Olympic movements. These can usually be found integrated into the rig's base or installed near the ground.
  • Storage - Maximizing available space is essential for crowded and busy gyms to operate at full capacity, and rigs with storage shelves or hooks provide owners a space to store equipment such as medicine balls, power bands and kettlebells.

Types of Functional Rigs

Having explored the essential components of rigs, we now examine the commonly available Style of Rigs and packages. When selecting rigs for a facility, be sure to take into account the intended use and placement of the rig before making a decision as to which one is optimal. This information will be essential in determining the best rig for the facility and its users.

Synergy built system

Functional Training Rigs 

This section examines modular Zone Rigs such as The Life Fitness Synergy , units capable of offering an array of options to customize the shape, size and functions of your finished product.

The modular design of these rigs has made them a top choice for community-run gyms, providing versatility in a straightforward, hassle-free construction. Plus, they don't need to be fixed to the floor, so they can be relocated during renovations - a major benefit if you're looking to regularly update your gym.

Fitness functional training rigs comprise a selection of stations and storage modules connected by overhead bars and ladders, allowing countless configurations that can be augmented and enlarged. This range is popular with PT studios and small gyms, offering a half rack, Dual Adjustable Pulley (DAP) rebounder, punch bag arm, and sufficient space for suspension systems, pull ups, and other functional exercises.

Storage options can be added but will take up significant space in a station and will not be able to accommodate all accessories, unlike the modular storage rigs which are built with storage as one of its primary functions.

Primal Performance Rig

Performance Rigs

Most "off-the-shelf" rigs such as the popular Primal Pro Series Group PT Rig 2 could be classified as standard. Manufacturers may vary slightly in the production and promotion of their services; however, the fundamental aspects embodied in all top-tier brands are consistent: durable, high-grade equipment designed to last.

A selection of shapes, sizes and lengths (e.g. 2, 3 and 4 squat stations) of rigs exist, with some producers designing cuboids, hexagons and octagons designed for open environments. Rectangular rigs are more applicable to longer, narrower areas.

The general formula allows for selection from the conveniently flatpacked cells, which can be set up freestanding or wall-mounted for flexible installation.

Exigo storage rig

Modular Storage Rigs

Integrated storage solutions   are the latest advancement in the modular rig market. With this technology, users are not only able to design a rig specifically tailored to their facility's needs, but they can also access various storage platforms to optimise the space available.

There are over ten different storage types, so whether you're looking for a place to put your ViPR's, Gym Balls or Kettlebells, there is sure to be a segment ready to eliminate any clutter issues.

In true modular fashion, these rigs can be completely customised and include anything from suspension frames to pull up bars to full bridges. 

Exigo X8

Bespoke Functional Training Rigs

To make the most effective use of the space you have available at your gym or studio, one option to consider is the production and installation of a fully bespoke functional training rig.

Built  for the precise measurement and fitting of non-standard dimensions to optimize your space. Special requests, specifications, and features can be incorporated, and branding can be added to create a touch of personalization in any new or existing facility.


Exigo X3 Corner

Small and Partial Functional Training Rigs

In smaller premises, or tighter corners, it’s not always possible to install a large 12 station rig, however especially with the growth of 1 to 1 training and small group PT studios in the market Exigo have really responded to this with the .Exigo Corner X3 With limited space to work with partial rigs, small training rigs and accessories are your only option and they can still deliver an excellent addition to your space.


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