The Ergatta Rower & Revolutionising Rowing.

March 18, 2023 6 min read

The Ergatta Rower & Revolutionising Rowing.


Recent years have witnessed a revolution in home rowing machines, featuring performance tracking, immersive at-home workouts, and live racing, completely revolutionizing the idea of a home rowing workout.

 Rowing has long been renowned for its calorie-burning and full-body workout capabilities, yet its reputation for being “monotonous” persists. However, just as Peloton revolutionized in-home spin classes, new smart rowers offer up a new generation of rowing. Leading the charge is Ergatta, a rower boasting a sleek wooden frame, competitive racing, stimulating workouts, and comprehensive performance tracking. To upgrade your personal fitness equipment, this is a quality rowing option to consider.

 This article provides an in-depth overview of the features of this excellent rowing machine.


  Ergatta Overview

The Ergatta Rower, boasting the slogan “living room ready”, offers an indisputably stylish design—its wooden frame is a piece of decor in its own right, gracing even the most elegant of apartments.

 The rower is designed for maximum practicality and folds up for easy storage, unlike some brands that make the home appear like a gym. It offers an android-powered 17.3” HD touchscreen and Bluetooth capabilities. Additionally, its app provides a comprehensive user experience.

  Beautiful Design and Frame

The emphasis of fitness equipment lies in its ability to aid in achieving fitness ambitions; nevertheless, when considering home devices, the aesthetics are important to take into account. After all, if a rowing machine must be part of the home decor, wouldn't it be only fitting that it blends in?

 Ergatta's frame is crafted in the USA from sustainably-sourced Appalachian cherrywood, an aesthetic upgrade from many other rowers' chrome frames. Additionally, its water tank produces a softer, more home-friendly sound when compared to a fan wheel. Appearance matters when furnishing a home, and Ergatta provides a unique, stunning design.


 With only a storage footprint of 23” x 22.5” and no extra parts needed, Ergatta conveniently folds away into a surprisingly compact shape. Setup takes only 10 seconds, allowing it to fit snugly into a corner without protruding. Moreover, it is also mobile as it can be effortlessly wheeled from one room to another. This simplistic design makes for a practical experience and increases its usability. The folding mechanism of Ergatta not only allows for easy storage but also adds convenience while using the product. Its lightweight design makes it easy to carry and provides effortless maneuverability around the house.


Goal Based Training


Goal based training is an excellent setting that we advise you to explore; it can be located under “Push Programs.” With this setting, you can set an objective, e.g., row for 30 minutes, and steadily build up to that goal. This is beneficial for various objectives, such as reducing body fat, building muscle, and enhancing cardio fitness. This setting further shows the versatility of rowing and why it works well for so many purposes.


Ergatta Gaming


Ergatta has made significant efforts to expand their racing content and provide a more stimulating experience. There are various ways to race, from competing against friends in a race, to taking part in a race with international users of Ergatta, to testing one's own speed in comparison to previous records.


Ergatta is an exciting way to boost fitness while still feeling like you’re playing a video game. This resolves a common issue with rowing machines, being that people can easily become bored. With Ergatta, the opportunity for friendly rivalries and a sense of competition can keep you engaged and continually motivated as you strive for the finish line. Inviting your friends to join you in races can be an incredibly effective source of motivation.



Scenic Rowing

 This enables you to travel virtually to any destination as you row, which is a great way to keep your attention during an extensive session.

 Live Stats Displayed - The HD display makes monitoring your progress during workouts extremely convenient. It allows you to observe the intensity of your workout and how much time remains. Establishing goals is also much easier and ensures that you are getting the most out of your row.

 Ergatta's March 2023 update

brings compatibility with Apple Watch, enabling users to effortlessly sync metrics such as heart rate and workout stats to their dashboard for an enhanced data accuracy. With its ability to integrate data from other devices, like heart rate monitors and Bluetooth devices, Ergatta provides a comprehensive overview of user activity.

  Ergatta regularly introduces new content to ensure the experience is continually fresh and up-to-date. This is convenient for habitual users, providing them with the chance to join in new exercises, challenges and competitions. As the machine offers racing functions, users don't have to depend on on-demand activities as much as other brands in order to stay engaged, as racing options are always available. Additionally, the “just row” feature lets users jump in anytime.

  Ergatta excels at individualizing the experience. It formulates tailored, personalized recommendations based on past rowing performance, facilitating an achievable challenge that furthers growth without compromising enthusiasm. Not only that, the rower will modify goals as you advance – an impressive feature.

 Unlimited Use for Whole Family

 This is an important consideration. An Ergatta membership is provided per household, allowing unlimited accounts to be created for each family rowing machine. This allows for a customized experience for all family members, a necessity for successful connected fitness equipment as opposed to a single account model. Ergatta facilitates this, ensuring each member of the family maximizes their potential.

 Benefits of Rowing Workouts

When investing in a home fitness machine, it's important to consider the advantages of an indoor rower compared to other pieces of equipment like treadmills or bikes. Rowers provide two primary benefits that should be reflected in a buyer's preferences. Ultimately, though, what type of machine to buy comes down to personal choice.


  •  Low Impact

Rowing is a low-impact activity, with no strain on the knees and joints like with a treadmill. Those with joint pain may find rowing particularly helpful in terms of low-impact exercise, but it is also efficient in terms of calorie expenditure and strength training. Alternatively, cycling is a low-impact sport, while a treadmill might be worth avoiding.

  •  Rowing is an extraordinary form of exercise,

Engaging up to 85% of the body's muscles. This comprehensive workout stimulates both the upper and lower body, outperforming other fitness options in regards to muscular involvement. Its time-efficiency makes it stand out among exercise choices.


Things to Consider


  • Ergatta utilizes water resistance

rather than the fan wheel usually featured on home or gym rowing machines. This produces a more natural feel and runs more quietly. As opposed to altering resistance settings, water resistance hinges on the user's intensity while rowing. While many reviews praise the water resistance, fans of traditional rowing machines may not find the same satisfaction.


  •  Monthly Membership

 It is necessary to have a continuous membership in order to access all of Ergatta's features, including the live races and on-demand workouts. However, cancellation is possible at any time, although to make full use of the Ergatta one should consider the cost of a monthly subscription as an ongoing expense.


  • Currently No Live Classes

It is worth noting the lack of live instructor led classes if you were hoping to join them; however, Ergatta have introduced a new program to ensure users can make the most of their rower by providing instruction in rowing technique. The possibility of live classes being added in the future is not ruled out.


  •   Internet Connectivity

Any smart fitness equipment requires an internet connection to allow users to participate in live races, thus being a factor to consider when deciding where to place it.


Ergatta is particularly suitable for those who are driven by competition or gaming. The product is designed for exercisers who excel when presented with a challenge to push their rowing further than what would be possible with a traditional machine. For those who enjoy gaming or have tried Zwift for running or cycling, Ergatta will be a familiar environment.


This Video shows an install of the Ergatta rower if your considering self assembly.




  Frequently Asked Questions


Do You Need a Subscription for Ergatta?

Technically, you don’t need a membership to use the rower, however, without the membership, you could just buy a WaterRower and save yourself some money. Consequently, we would really factor in the subscription membership as part of the cost for the rower. Your membership includes unlimited profiles, so you only need one per household.


Is Ergatta Easy to Assemble?

 The Ergatta can be set up with just an Allen key (included) or, for an extra cost, you may opt to have it assembled by a professional.


What are the Dimensions?

Ergatta is 86″ x 23″ x 40″.


Concluding Thoughts

The Ergatta console  can also be retrofitted to your current waterrower, its a SEAMLESS INTEGRATION the Ergatta Upgrade  fits all S4 WaterRower models. No drilling, no Bluetooth issues, no difficulty. Securely connects via USB and complements the classic look of your WaterRower, from the wood stain to the design.

Ergatta Upgrade

Ergatta's innovative features, from their HD monitor to their wooden frame, create an immersive home rowing experience that is enjoyable for both novices and seasoned rowers. Their ergatta app allows users to maximize their workouts and adds to the thrill of competing against others. The monitor technology uses real-time data tracking to measure performance metrics, allowing users to tailor their workout for quick, effective results.


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