Using a Hack Squat Machine - Try Watsons Adjustable Version

December 07, 2023 4 min read

Using a Hack Squat Machine - Try Watsons Adjustable Version

How to Use a Hack Squat Machine

The hack squat was first popularised by a German weightlifter named George Hackenschmidt in the early 20th century. Hackenschmidt, also known as "The Russian Lion," was a pioneer in the world of strength training and is considered one of the greatest wrestlers and strongmen of all time.

In his training, Hackenschmidt found that traditional squats were putting too much strain on his lower back. To alleviate this issue, he came up with the idea of placing the barbell behind his legs, which allowed him to maintain a more upright posture during the exercise. This modification not only reduced the strain on his back but also placed more emphasis on the quadriceps.

Benefits of Hack Squats

There are several benefits to incorporating hack squats into your workout routine:

  • Increased Leg Strength: Hack squats target multiple leg muscles, helping to improve overall leg strength and power.
  • Quadriceps Development: The hack squat specifically targets the quadriceps, helping to build and define these muscles.
  • Glute Activation: By performing hack squats, you can activate and strengthen your glute muscles, which are important for hip stability and overall lower body strength.
  • Reduced Lower Back Strain: Unlike traditional squats, hack squats place less stress on the lower back, making them a suitable alternative for individuals with lower back issues.

Introducing Watsons Adjustable Hack Squat

The Watson Adjustable Hack Squat provides users with a quick and easy way to hit their legs from multiple angles and with varying levels of load and resistance. Its spacious foot plate allows for changes in foot placement to target specific muscles, and its built-in hydraulic system enables users to adjust the angle from 25 to 60 degrees, with multiple settings available in between. Furthermore, changes to the angle can even be made while the hack squat is in use, enabling users to perform intense drop sets.

The adjustable foot plate adds to the versatility of this device, making it a powerful new secret weapon for leg training. Mass is distinct from load. Some people wonder what the benefit besides drop sets is of a variable angle hack squat: This is where understanding that moving a heavier mass up a shallow angle is very different to moving a lighter mass up a steep angle, even if the actual force to move both is exactly the same.

Training the hack squat through various angles will help you recruit more muscle fibres and develop your legs faster than with a standard 'fixed angle' machine. Super smooth no matter how much weight is loaded, this hack squat has all the usual.


See Why its a gamechanger for leg workouts


Why should you use the Watsons Adjustable Hack Squat?

1. Targeted leg development: The Watsons Adjustable Hack Squat specifically targets your leg muscles, helping you build strength and size in your quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes. This machine allows you to focus on these muscle groups without putting excessive strain on your lower back.

2. Customizable workout: With the adjustable feature, you can modify the range of motion and even through your workout, your training partner can adjust it! Whether you're a beginner looking to build strength or an advanced lifter aiming for muscle hypertrophy, the Watsons Adjustable Hack Squat can be tailored to your needs.

3. Reduced risk of injury: The Watsons Adjustable Hack Squat provides a stable and controlled environment for performing squats. This reduces the risk of injury compared to free weight squats, where form and balance can be challenging, especially for beginners.

4. Efficient use of time: The Watsons Adjustable Hack Squat allows you to target multiple leg muscles in one exercise. This means you can maximize your leg workout in a shorter amount of time, making it a great option for those with busy schedules.

How to incorporate the Watsons Adjustable Hack Squat into your workout routine.

1. Warm up: Begin your leg workout with a dynamic warm-up to prepare your muscles for the upcoming exercise.

2. Adjust the machine: Set the footplate and shoulder pads to a comfortable position that allows for a full range of motion.

3. Start with lighter weights: If you're new to the Watsons Adjustable Hack Squat, start with lighter weights to familiarize yourself with the movement and ensure proper form.

4. Perform the exercise: Place your feet on the footplate and your shoulders against the pads. Push against the weight to extend your legs and straighten your knees, then slowly lower yourself back down into a squatting position. Repeat for the desired number of repetitions.

5. Gradually increase weight: As you become more comfortable and stronger, gradually increase the weight to continue challenging your muscles.

6. Cool down and stretch: After completing your leg workout, cool down with some light cardio and stretch your leg muscles to promote recovery and flexibility.

Concluding thoughts

So, if you're looking for a new leg machine to take your leg workout to the next level, consider adding the Watsons Adjustable Hack Squat to your fitness routine. With its adjustable features and targeted leg development, this machine can help you achieve your leg strength and muscle-building goals efficiently and effectively.





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