Inspire Dual Station Commercial range - Our latest addition

December 28, 2023 2 min read

Inspire Dual Station Commercial range - Our latest addition

 Inspire Dual Station Commercial Selectorised Strength Range

The Inspire Dual Station Commercial Selectorised Strength Range  is a highly durable, good value line of fitness equipment designed to help you achieve your fitness goals. This range features combinations of Ab/Back, Biceps/Triceps, Chin/Dip, Chest/Shoulder, Leg Extension/Curl, Lat Pull Down, Low Row, and Leg Press/Calf Raises machines, providing a comprehensive workout for every major muscle group in your body.

A Dual-station is a type of strength equipment that allows users to perform a variety of exercises on one machine. While technically considered multi-stations due to their ability to perform at least two related exercises, they are often grouped with single station machines since they do not accommodate multiple users together.


The Inspire Dual Station Selectorised Range is :-

     &   Leg Press/Calf Raise Machine


Advantage's of a Dual Station Machine

The main reason a dual-station selectorised piece is often chosen  is for its space-saving design, taking up less room than multiple pieces of selectorised strength equipment while providing the same range of exercises. Also value for money when compared to buying the 2 machines separately.


Who are Inspire Fitness

 Experience the exceptional quality and innovation of Inspire Fitness' fitness equipment. Our award-winning strength pieces, such as multi-gyms, functional trainers, power racks, benches, and Smith machines, are the perfect additions to any exercise routine. Trust in our expertise and dedication to provide the best products for your fitness journey.

Inspire Fitness provides a selection of advanced cardiovascular equipment and accessories, known for their industry-leading design, exceptional customer service, and reliable warranties. This makes Inspire Fitness a popular choice for:- Corporate wellness, Hotel gyms, private Gyms & PT Studios, Schools, Apartment Complexes and home fitness.


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