Olympic Bar Types | How Much Do They Weigh

December 04, 2022 3 min read

Olympic Bar weight and types

Olympic Bar & Barbell How Much Do  They Weigh

Olympic weightlifting bars vary in how much they weigh to accommodate individual activity demands; a 20kg bar is most popular, mainly due to its versatile nature, making it the go-to choice of many gym-goers.

Weights of Olympic lifting bars vary, with 10kg, 15kg, and 20kg being the most common. While some firms manufacture all three, not all do, making it hard to differentiate between them. Generally, bar length, knurling, thickness and labeled weight can help identify the bar's weight.

The following are the specifications and how heavy each olympic bar should weigh:

Typically Mens Olympic Bar

Length: 2.2 metres (86.4 inches)
Diameter: 28mm (Olympic) or 29mm (Powerlifting)
Weight: 20kg / 44lbs.

Typically  Womens Olympic Bar

Length: 2.01 metres (79.2 inches)
Diameter: 25mm
Weight: 15kg / 33lbs

Typically Youth Olympic Bar

Length: 1.7 meters (60-67 inches)
Diameter: 25mm
Weight: 10kg / 22lbs


 A Few Other Types of Olympic Bar

In addition to the specialist powerlifting and weightlifting bars we've discussed there are, of course a whole range of other types of barbells available to buy for your home or gym. Here we've listed just a few of the most popular ones along with their most common uses.

Jordan Technique ( Training) Bar

Technique Bars

In addition to the powerlifting and weightlifting bars outlined above, a variety of alternative barbells may be purchased for residential or gymnasium use. Herein, several of the most frequent are provided, along with their corresponding purposes.

Technique Bars are a specialized tool for honing technical lifting skills, featuring a lighter weight than an Olympic barbell but more substantial than a broom handle or PVC pipe. Generally constructed of aluminum, these bars typically range in weight from 5-13 kilograms.

Safety Squat Bar

Jordan Safety Squat Bar

 The Safety Squat Bar (also known as the Hatfield Bar) allows you to perform all types of squat movements in much more comfort than with a traditional straight bar. 

Handles at the front of the bar reduce shoulder strain and the design of the Safety Squat Bar allows you to let go completely of the bar and it will stay securely positioned with the load spread comfortably over the 3 pads.

What is the weight of a Safety Squat Bar

Poliquin bar buyers guide

Poliquin Bar

 This Poliquin Parallel Dual Grip Bar offers an optimal range of exercises for users. As designed by the renowned Charles Poliquin, it enables effective pressing, rowing, and arm training motions.

 Built to there usual Watson heavy duty standards, this Poliquin Parallel Dual Grip Bar will handle as much weight as you can throw at it and last many lifetimes.

 This bar is available with our new roller bearing revolving sleeves. These run on twin bearings and are incredibly smooth no matter how much weight is on the bar.

Weight: 15kg

 Jordan Trap Bar

Hex Trap Bar

The Hex Bar(or Trap bar) is an interesting variation of the conventional barbell, regularly used in gyms for deadlifting instead of the traditional straight bar. This type of deadlift has gained popularity due to the load being placed in line with the lifter, rather than off centre, causing less strain on the lumbar curve at the start of the lift. Hex bars usually measure 6ft or 7ft, with weights of 25kg and 30kg respectively.

Jordan EZ Curl Bar

EZ-Curl Bar

The EZ Curl bar is a lighter and more ergonomically shaped barbell, perfect for those who experience discomfort when using a straight bar for curls due to its angled design allowing for a more natural hand positioning. 

How Much Does an EZ Cur Bar Weigh?

 Jordan Straight Barbell

Fixed Barbells

 Fixed Barbell are  generally more common   in a health club or commercial Gym setting than in any sports performance, weightlifting or powerlifting facility. They  are a durable convenience item that doesn't require any set-up time like adding collars or plates. Fixed barbells are generally around 110mm long and range in weights from 5kg up to 45kg.

Concluding Thoughts

Choosing the right type of weight lifting barbell can be very challenging. There are many different features and types of bars to consider when making your final decision.

We hope that this barbell buying guide provides all the information and details required to make an informed choice to ensure you buy the right type of weight lifting bar for your needs.

The barbell buying guide offers detailed information on barbell types, materials, and features, so you can purchase the barbell that best meets your needs.

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