Studio Body Pump Sets & Body Bars - Why Use them

March 29, 2023 4 min read

Studio Body Pump Sets & Body Bars - Why Use them

For those in search of at-home strength, toning, and stamina workouts, the body pump set and body bar can provide a simple and reasonably priced solution. Understanding the equipment is key for using this option. It utilises proper form and targets muscles with a highly effective combination of weight training and aerobics, enabling maximum results with minimal time commitment. Discover a workout that fits your needs with this option.

The 3 Studio Barbell Sets we recommend & sell are the latest versions from  Jordan, Escape And Physical Company, these are commercial quality and highly likely you have used or certainly a previous generation.

1) Jordan Ignite Pump Set

Jordan Ignite X Pump Set
2)  Escape EcoDisc Rep Set


Escape Ecodisc Rep Set
3) Physical Company RBX Pump Set
physical company rbx rubber pump set


Body Pump

Body pump is distinct from the body bar in that it utilises a barbell for exercise. The technique involves low to moderate weights and many repetitions to incorporate cardiovascular activity with strength training. Body pump workouts last either 60 or 45 minutes, aiming to create lean muscle and can burn a reasonable amount of calories, with claims of up to 600 calories burned in each session. At-home exercise is possible through on demand instruction, or classes are available at many gyms.


Typical Exercises Within  Body Pump

The Les Mills workout regimen involves using light weights for warming up, followed by an intense barbell session targeting the major muscle groups such as the chest, back, shoulders, and abs. Expect to do squats, deadlifts, clean and press, lunges, and bicep curls, as well as push-ups, chest presses, overhead presses, and crunches. The choreographed music is tailored to the routine's high-tempo, with the session ending with a cooling-down and stretching.


Can You Lose Weight in a Body Pump Class?

Weight training boosts muscle building and increases your metabolism, resulting in extended post-workout calorie burn. Combining this with mindful eating can further promote weight loss.


Numerous Benefits of  Body Pump

For many, the primary benefits of body pump lie in its ability to target all muscle groups and provide a motivating workout with the accompaniment of music. Additionally, body pump follows a uniform program no matter one's location, making it easy to find a gym and pick up the latest release, if not do it from Home.


Escape Step for Blog article ref body pump

Need to Consider a Step too? 

This Escape Fitness Step Platform features a single STEP for classic step exercises; RISERs can be added to increase the challenge, or the platform can be inclined for additional stepping options or bench work. Enjoy the versatility provided and easily transition between configurations mid-workout.

Constructed with polypropylene, these platforms provide a robust structure with a slight flexibility for an optimal experience. Lightweight for ease of transport, the top mats and stabilizing blocks are made of non-slip thermoplastic rubber, allowing for quick and dependable movements.

DESIGN -  Eye-catching colours bring this studio favourite right up to date, with anatomic targets on the top mats for precise workouts. A unique locking system means that STEPs and RISERs fit together securely in multiple combinations.


Jordan fit bar on a rack

What Is A Body Bar (Fit Bar)?

You may have noticed a body bar at your gym and wondered what it was capable of. In reality, this unassuming piece of equipment has a plethora of potential uses.

Introduced in 1987, the Body Bar is a slim 4-foot steel pole encased in rubber, capable of weighting between 2kg and 10kg (3lbs - 24lbs). Also known as a sculpting bar or sculpting stick, the body bar can be used in home settings as well as an increasing number of fitness classes.

The body bar's popularity is attributed to its ability to be used for strength and conditioning, circuits, kick boxing, balance and alignment exercises. Convenience is created by the weight being pre-loaded in the bar, distinct from the barbell.

Choosing the Right Weight

Consider the weight you choose carefully. Something may seem lightweight but for more intense activities like kickboxing, it might not be light enough. Generally, beginners should use a bar between 3 and 6 pounds, intermediates should use one between 9 and 18 pounds, and advanced users should use one between 15 and 36 pounds.


Exercises With The Body Bar


The Body Bar is perfect for a variety of exercises, such as presses, dead rows, curls, and dead lifts. It can workout everything from the core and back to your biceps, triceps, shoulders, and inner/outer thigh. One of the most popular ways to incorporate this equipment is with the chest press, which can be done either on a bench or on the floor. A unique and effective combination is alternating between chest presses and pushups. Additionally, this piece of equipment is used in yoga, providing resistance during body sculpting and supporting balance in various poses.


Benefits Of Using a Body Bar

This cost-efficient piece of equipment can be used for a multitude of activities. It is convenient for home use or to attend a class, and is a great option for small spaces. Additionally, it has a shorter length than a regular barbell, allowing it to be held in one hand for unilateral movements. Additionally, it provides excellent diversity to any routine, helping to keep exercise interesting and inspiring.

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