Technogym Key Design Products - Home Range

October 10, 2022 4 min read

Technogym Key Design Products - Home Range

Technogym myrun

Technogym MyRun

Technogym MyRun treadmill can go up to 20km/hr, with a belt length of 1430mm is enough to support your running stride and a weight of up to 140kg. This treadmill belt is also exceptionally silent even when you are running at the equipment’s maximum speed.

The 12% incline setting, and motor power of 2.5 HP allow you to increase your running difficulty setting without requiring more speed. In addition, its adaptive running surface provides a safe workout experience. small, motorised treadmills effectively absorb shock when walking and offers the desired elastic return when running. The MyRun treadmill only takes a few minutes to set up and being used. This simple assembling allows you to transport it easily if you happen to be moving homes.

Compact size but has a large running surface Technogym’s MyRun is a stylish and compact treadmill that can fit into different interiors. The MyRun treadmill lists among the most ideal small treadmills working with Zwift, Rouvy and other leading apps for an immersive online workout. And as one of the best compact treadmills, it offers an outstanding running experience

Technogym Elliptical normalTechnogym Elliptical Folded 


Technogym Elliptical

Currently the most compact elliptical/ cross trainer the Technogym Elliptical occupies very little space: 1 sqm (10.8 sqft) when exercising and just 0.5 sqm (5.4 sqft) when folded,

Low Energy Consumption, Technogym Elliptical recognizes when you’re nearby and automatically goes into sleep mode when not in use thanks to its Wake-up Sensor.

Its design allows for Easy On/Off With pedals only 25 cm (10 in) off the ground and a rear entry not side access, this home elliptical is extremely comfortable to use.


Technogym Cycle

Technogym Cycle

This brilliant new edition the Technogym Cycle  is an exercise bike designed with a wide seat and walk- through to make it easy to get on, to assist you with your health and get back in shape at any age.

Key Features: -

  • Wide Walk Through - Easy on, easy off
  • Compact Footprint - Just 0.7 sq m (7.5 sq ft)
  • Utilising TECHNOGYM LIVE to help you stay healthy and motivated with personalized training

Technogym Bike

Technogym Bike

A commercial grade exercise bike the Technogym Bike designed down to the last detail by the Technogym research center,. It adapts to your body in seconds, thanks to its quick settings. The pedalling movement is the smoothest and quietest to date .

Key Features:

  • Quiet - Down to the Poly-V® Belt technology
  • Easy mounting - Just saddle up and ride. Once on you can change the settings of the seat and handlebar on the go.
  • Immersive Experience - The quality of the 22” screen are so clear & vivid you will feel like you are right there in the class or whatever you’re watching.
Technogym Ride


Technogym Ride

Its reputation as the first all-in-one bike All you need to do is just connect and start pedaling, no setup needed. With all your favourite apps right at your fingertips, you’re ready to ride & engage.

You can train with your favourite apps . Choose from Rouvy, Training Peaks, Zwift etc

Or engage with, Netflix, Eurosport and lots more for viewing With apps already integrated into the 22” touchscreen display, you have everything you need to train how you want.

Unica Colour Options


Technogym Unica

A long-established All-in-one strength training solution, its evolved but still delivers an unbelievable experience with its quality of movement. Safe and complete workouts in the minimum footprint.

Key Features:-

  • Over 25 exercises in just 1.5 sqm footprint
  • Elegant leather upholstery
  • Adjustable seat, wide, very comfortable seatback and ergonomic cushions
  • Perfect biomechanics ensure complete safety and effectiveness
  • Some customisation, Select materials, durable build, painted with thermosetting powder coatings


Technogym Bench features

Technogym Bench

The latest revelation to hit the home market mainly is Technogym Bench, over 200 exercises. Perform the widest variety of total body exercises with hexagon dumbbells, resistance bands, weighted knuckles and training mat, all in a compact footprint.

  • Dumbbell Holder with Spacers - The inbuilt spacers prevent accidental finger pinching and scratching the bench when handling dumbbells.
  • Easy to Move - Thanks to the integrated wheels, Technogym Bench can be moved and stored away according to your space Needs.
  • Storage Area - You can place your folded training mat or more tools here.


Technogym kinesis Dark BrownTechnogym kinesis Golden brown

Technogym Kinesis

A unique Strength machine, following its highly successful introduction to the commercial market this modifed version with different styling is a revelation for the home market providing style and superb functionality

Enhance your motor capacities in three dimensions Improve strength, coordination, flexibility & posture control.

Key Features:-

  • FullGravity® Technology activates all the body’s kinetic chains tri-dimensionally
  • The cast aluminium arms can be collapsed after exercise for maximum space saving
  • Silent cable movement
  • Soft touch display to select resistance
  • Magnetic handgrips attach to the metal arms easily
  • Reduced inertia allows explosive types of movement such as sprints and jumps
  • Explore Functional Movement with KINESIS® VIRTUAL TRAINER

The web app that can teach you more than 750 ways to use it electively. Choose one of the targeted programmes or browse the extensive library and break the routine with new exercises every day.

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