What is the BlazePod popularity all about?

May 05, 2023 3 min read

blazepod SAQ

What are BlazePods

They are a cutting-edge Flash Reflex Training system from BlazePod makes working out challenging and enjoyable. With BlazePod's light-up, touch-sensitive pods, you can improve your strength, agility, balance, coordination, and reaction time. As you can see below, you can connect them to your app to access hundreds of pre-defined drills and priceless performance data.

The BlazePod technology can be utilised in a wide range of sports and disciplines and is useful for both amateur and professional athletes. Using blazepods can help you get stronger, more agile, and more physically fit for sports like football, martial arts, or running.

The highest standard of flash reaction light training for therapists, personal trainers, sports coaches, and fitness fans at home. contains 6 Pods to build the most difficult games, contests, and tests for you, your family, and your customers/teams.

World-leading in responsive training, the concept of the pod seems extremely simple. But, the technology within the devices, provides you with in-depth data that can be easily analysed to help with development and performance.

SETUP – The pods should be connected to your device's app. Pick the sport or activity you want to train for. Set the pods in place and get ready to go.

TRAIN – Push yourself to your limit, tapping out the lights by yourself, with your teammates or with your PT.

TRACK – Analyse and quantify your performance down to the millisecond, with simple tracking, you can stay inspired and drive yourself to do better the next time.


In terms of player development and analysis, football has been a true technological pioneer. The traditional or currently "outdated" coloured cones that we are all accustomed to using could soon disappear, especially in formal and semi-formal attire. Coloured cones are quickly disappearing from the market.

The BlazePod app and training completely alter the dynamic of the sessions for your squad of players. Both are based on the same concept, i.e. various colours. The available strength and conditioning training will assist in supplying difficult exercises that spark competitive energy and improve team morale.

Some of the best improvements you’ll oversee are: ball control, speed, agility, decision making, communication, reactions, quick feet and reaction saves for the goalkeepers. 


Blazepod for Fitness


Everyone wants variety in their training sessions; after all, no one wants to get bored with the same routine every day or week.

Even something as simple as a warm-up, for example, might be completely changed with BlazePod. You have the freedom to employ one of the built-in routines when working alone, in pairs, or with a larger group, or to completely tailor it to fit your needs.

The pods can be put up on the ground and used for races or team challenges. To improve your decision-making, you might even modify them to resemble a punching bag! The convenience of the pods is that they may be utilised anywhere, including the floor of your living room, a nearby park, or a gym. Work in pairs or in groups to mix up your training

Any injury's recovery process can be challenging and arduous. This is where the Blazepod really shines since not everyone needs to travel at 100 mph, and the app allows you that flexibility.

Progressive rehab regimens are provided by the physical therapy examinations and exercises. ADL, a boost in cognitive abilities, engagement, and motivation with all the information transmitted through the app.


Blazepod App



Simply download the user-friendly app to your personal mobile device and easily connect and control multiple Pods at once using Bluetooth Low Energy technology.

Choose from predefined BlazePod activities or create your own, from one of BlazePod's many light logics. Track your's and your clients' performance down to the millisecond.

  • Any Blazepod kit comes with the app, which is accessible on both iOS and Android.
  • You will find a limitless variety of workout options already included into the programme, and the list of training activities is constantly expanding.
  • The custom functionality is excellent and enables you to set random light ups with various hues, with the occasional mistake to see how people respond, or just for fun.
  • Every tap out or miss hit delivers live feedback, which allows for complete measurement of the reactions down to the millisecond.


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