WaterRower & Nohrd Wooden Finishes

Wooden Finishes

Water rower ash sample



Durable, yet elastic, ash has low porosity and features a distinctive grain. It’s color ranges from light yellow to brown. Ash is very easy to work (bend, cut, glue). After processing, (sanding, oiling) the wood feels very smooth and supple.

Ash has an overall fresh and lively look, thank to its distinctive, textured grain.

Water rower oak sample


Sourced in North America and Europe, oak boasts durability, low porosity and overall high stability. Widely featuring colorful and patterned wooden rays, its overall tones are deep golden-brown. Oak is one of the most preferred types of wood for furniture manufacturing and features a smooth, even grain.

Thanks to its even texture and grain, oak is favored for its subtle, luxurious appeal.

Water rower club sample


The Club-Series is made of beech wood, a more modest and light-colored wood with a dense and harder surface, making it ideal for stain treatment. Club Series models are given both a reddish and black stain finish.

The Club Series is frequently used in gyms and studios. The stain finishing renders the wooden surface more definition, without covering the grain.

Water rower cherry sample


The wood used for our Cherry Series is characterized by its smooth and even texture, as well as its beautiful, luxurious appearance. Its colors range from light-yellow to reddish-brown hues, providing a beautiful contrast for lighter interiors.

Cherry wood boasts an overall exquisite, classic appeal

 Water rower walnut sample


Walnut is a luxurious, distinguished dark-brown wood with a dark, yet lively grain. Once treated, the surface will stand out with its smooth sheen. Walnut is easy to work with and boasts high durability. When exposed to sunlight, walnut wood will darken, while its grain grows more pronounced.

Walnut is considered a precious wood and perfectly suited for the high-end, sophisticated interior.

 Water rower shadow sample


The Shadow Series is manufactured with beech wood. Beech is typically a more subtle, light-colored wood with hard and dense surface characteristics, making it ideal for stain finishing. All Shadow Series models are stained black.

The stain treatment allows for surface definition appeal without covering the grain.