How to Create the Perfect Office Gym Design

January 02, 2023 3 min read

Spirit Office Gym Design with cardio

Why Perfect an Office Gym Design

As it will help reduce stress and create a supportive working environment is vital for the health and wellbeing of employees. A variety of schemes and programs are available to support this, however, there is one that offers an abundance of perks, an office gym. Utilising our expertise, we've compiled key considerations for designing an office gym that will fulfill the needs of all personnel. From equipment selection to layout design, we have guidance to optimise the potential of an office gym and ensure a positive return on investment by improving employee wellbeing, productivity and morale.

Design an ambiance that promotes fitness and well-being.

An office gym design is more than putting exercise equipment into a room, it is creating a space which your employees will want to spend time in. Firstly, you will need to find somewhere in your building which can support the numbers within your organisation or if you have the option, potentially extend. 

Other criteria that should be taken into consideration when forming the design of the office gym include acoustic quality, as noise could travel and disturb staff whilst they are working . Furthermore, facilities for changing should be thought through when devising your office gym, as people may utilise the gym prior to their regular hours or in the interlude of their lunch hour.

To make the most of the space, think about adding storage solutions such as lockers to store clothing and other items while employees exercise. This can help further make the gym an inviting and secure area.

 When deciding the layout for your office gym design, it can be tempting to fit as much equipment as possible into your chosen location. However maximising floor space without overcrowding is easier than you may think. A variety of multi functional equipment is ideal for an office/ workplace  gym design to allow for optimum workouts while simultaneously reducing the use of space. Additionally, restructuring existing cabinets or designing storage for less voluminous items, such as kettlebells and mats, will also minimise the amount of space required. During office gym design, zoning separate sections for activities such as cardio, strength, and functional training can promote efficiency and optimize floor space utilisation, this can be done by zoning with your flooring, explore our commercial office gym flooring to create some ideas which we can happily develop with you.

Plan strategically to ensure your office gym incorporates all necessary elements that will foster your employees to prioritise health and fitness.


Select  office gym equipment that satisfies all requirements

Gathering feedback via survey is ideal for gauging the preferences of multiple staff members when choosing what you need for your office gym, we have built up an extensive office gym equipment range to ensure that you avoid wasting capital on unpopular equipment. To determine the ideal number of employees utilising the workplace gym, our considerable experience has revealed that cardio tends to be the go-to office gym equipment. With options including treadmills, cycles, rowing devices and cross trainers, the equipment accommodates all fitness levels.. Also available with compact dimensions, they will help you achieve a spacious office gym design.

When devising an office gym design, warranty should be factored in, as regular use could necessitate repairs. Health and safety are especially important in a workplace setting, thus it is advantageous to select machines that can be repaired expediently, without adding extra expenditure. Most brands will have their warranty terms and conditions easily available, therefore it is worthwhile taking time to review these.

Staying up-to-date with the latest advances in fitness technologies is key to sound gym design; thus, it's advisable to leave room for expansion within your office gym. Then, when a new machine or workout launches, you can meet the demands of your employees.


Use your office gym layout to create something unique and special.

An office gym can be especially beneficial for employees who are committed to their physical activity regimen but lack the time necessary to stay in shape. Encouraging staff to utilise the facilities not only helps to improve their work/life balance through increased productivity and decreased absenteeism, but can also be a great way to support employee wellness.

Inviting a fitness professional to conduct classes can give assurance to those lacking gym knowledge, as venturing into one can be intimidating. Area allowance or studio construction needs to be taken into account when designing an office gym, as this provides a space for collective workouts.


How we can help with your office gym design

We can guide you through each stage of constructing your workplace gym, from layout selection to post-installation support. Our team is dedicated to helping you create an effective fitness space designed to meet the needs of your employees. Take that first step and look at our office gym design service

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