Useful Guide for Designing Residential Apartment Complex Gyms

December 13, 2023 3 min read

Useful Guide for Designing Residential Apartment Complex Gyms

Designing a gym for an apartment complex is a unique challenge. It needs to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of the residents while also maximising the available space. Whether you're starting from scratch or renovating an existing space, here are some important things to keep in mind when designing an apartment complex gym.

1. Assess the Space and Layout

Before diving into the design process, it's crucial to assess the available space and layout of the gym area. Consider the dimensions, ceiling height, and any existing structural elements that may impact the design. This will help you determine the types and quantities of equipment that can be accommodated.

2. Prioritise Safety and Accessibility

Safety should be a top priority when designing a gym. Ensure that the space is well-lit and free from any potential hazards. Install mirrors strategically to allow users to monitor their form during exercises. Additionally, make the gym accessible to all residents, including those with disabilities, by incorporating features like ramps, wide doorways, and accessible equipment. Flooring considerations, such as relevant  grip, making it easier for specific exercises and movements and increasing safety in workouts .Also the flooring's acoustic absorption & its moisture ability as well as its durability long-term.

3. Optimise Equipment Selection

Choosing the right equipment is crucial for a successful apartment complex gym. Opt for versatile and space-saving equipment that can accommodate a variety of exercises. Consider including cardio machines, strength training equipment, and Functional training & Crossfit items  like Airbikes, kettlebells and stability balls. It's also important to select durable and low-maintenance equipment to minimise repair and replacement costs.


4. Create a Welcoming Atmosphere

A gym should be a welcoming and motivating space for residents. Use a combination of colors, lighting, and decor to create an inviting atmosphere. Consider incorporating large windows to allow natural light and views of the surroundings. Play energizing music and provide amenities like water stations and towel services to enhance the overall experience.

5. Plan for Proper Ventilation and Acoustics

Proper ventilation is essential in a gym to maintain air quality and prevent the buildup of unpleasant odors. Install an efficient HVAC system that can handle the increased moisture and heat generated by exercising individuals. Additionally, consider incorporating sound-absorbing materials to minimize noise and create a more pleasant workout environment.


6) Importance of working with a Professional  Designer

When it comes to creating a gym space in your apartment building, partnering with a professional is crucial for achieving the best results. We have the knowledge and expertise to design a space that maximises functionality and efficiency. We understand the latest trends and best practices in Home & Commercial Gym design, ensuring that your residents have access to state-of-the-art facilities.

Additionally, we can help you navigate the complexities of equipment selection and layout. We can assess your space and recommend the most suitable equipment based on your residents' needs and preferences. By partnering with us &   our Gym Designers, you can avoid costly mistakes and ensure that your fitness space is equipped with the right equipment for success with your specific residents.

 Concluding Thoughts

 Designing an apartment complex gym requires careful consideration of various factors, from space utilization to equipment selection and creating a welcoming atmosphere. By keeping these six points in mind, you can create a gym that meets the needs and expectations of the residents, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle within the community.





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