Workplace Gym Design: Helping to create a Healthy and Productive Work Environment

January 09, 2024 4 min read

Workplace Gym Design: Helping to create a Healthy and Productive Work Environment

Physical fitness and overall well-being are essential for maintaining a productive work environment. As an industry expert, it is important to understand the significance of the right workplace gym design in fostering a healthy and efficient workforce for you and the company We will explore the some of the  key factors we experience and help you consider when creating a workplace gym that promotes productivity and supports employee well-being.

Why is the right workplace gym design important

Research has shown that regular exercise has numerous benefits, including increased energy levels, improved mental focus, and reduced stress. By incorporating a gym within the workplace, employees have easy access to exercise facilities, encouraging them to engage in physical activity during their breaks or before/after work. This not only enhances their overall health but also boosts their productivity and job satisfaction.

1. Improved Physical Health - Regular physical activity has numerous benefits for overall health. It helps to reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. Engaging in physical activity at work can help employees maintain a healthy weight, lower blood pressure, and improve cardiovascular fitness.

2. Enhanced Mental Wellbeing - Physical activity is not only beneficial for the body but also for the mind. It has been proven to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, boost mood, and improve overall mental wellbeing. Incorporating physical activity into the workday can help employees manage stress, increase productivity, and enhance their overall quality of life.

3. Increased Energy and Productivity - Regular physical activity can significantly increase energy levels and improve cognitive function. When employees engage in physical activity during the workday, they experience a boost in energy, which can lead to increased productivity and improved concentration. Taking short breaks for physical activity can help employees stay focused and alert throughout the day.

4. Stronger Team Bonding - Implementing workplace wellness programs that include physical activities can foster a sense of camaraderie and teamwork among employees. Participating in group exercises or team sports encourages collaboration, communication, and mutual support. This can lead to stronger relationships among colleagues and a more positive work environment.

5. Reduced Absenteeism and Healthcare Costs - Investing in workplace wellness and physical activity can have a positive impact on absenteeism rates and healthcare costs. Regular physical activity can help prevent illness and reduce the risk of chronic conditions, leading to fewer sick days and lower healthcare expenses for both employees and employers. By prioritizing employee wellbeing, organizations can create a healthier and more productive workforce.

6. Improved Work-Life Balance- Encouraging physical activity in the workplace promotes a healthy work-life balance. By providing opportunities for employees to engage in physical activity during the workday, employers show their commitment to supporting their employees' overall wellbeing. This can lead to increased job satisfaction, higher employee retention rates, and a better work-life balance for everyone.


What are some of the key elements of an effective workplace gym.

1. Adequate space: A well-designed workplace gym should have enough space to accommodate various exercise equipment and activities. It should be spacious enough to allow employees to move freely and comfortably and engage them.

2. Variety of equipment: Offering a wide range of commercial exercise equipmentcaters to different fitness preferences and goals. This can include cardio machines such as commercial treadmills, strength training equipment, free weights, and stretching areas.

3. Flexibility and customisation: It's natural that each employee will have their own preferred workout, which is why we offer a variety of options. From yoga and Pilates to HIIT and strength training, your gym should if space allows provide something for everyone to enjoy. Ensuring a diverse range of workouts is essential in creating a welcoming and enjoyable gym environment for all.

When faced with a smaller space or limited budget, purchasing and arranging multiple machines can be challenging. A versatile workout space that can be tailored to different classes and exercises is a cost-effective solution. Choose a well-lit and spacious area where mats can easily be replaced with weights as needed.

4. Proper ventilation and lighting: Good air circulation and ample natural light are crucial for creating a pleasant and energizing workout environment. Adequate ventilation helps maintain air quality, while natural light promotes a positive mood.

5. Safety measures: Safety should be a top priority in any workplace gym design. This includes ensuring proper equipment maintenance, providing clear instructions on equipment usage, and implementing safety protocols.

6. Privacy and comfort: Incorporating private areas for changing and showering enhances employee comfort and encourages them to utilize the gym facilities. Privacy screens or curtains can also be installed for those who prefer a more secluded workout space.


Investing in a well-designed workplace gym is a strategic decision that can yield significant benefits for both employees and employers. By promoting physical fitness and well-being, companies can create a productive work environment that enhances employee satisfaction, reduces absenteeism, and boosts overall performance. Remember, a healthy workforce is a productive workforce. 

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