Escape Plyometric Boxes & Tutorials

March 13, 2023 1 min read

Escape Plyometric Boxes & Tutorials

A versatile range built to suit every occasion.

Our Escape Fitness Plyoboxes are superior, enabling total commitment with every jump while mitigating risk of injury. With a focus on building lower body strength and explosive power, the standard variable plyosoft boxes and the multiply boxes create endless training opportunities ideal for solo or coached sessions as well  as small group training classes.


The Escape variants to suit your needs, space and budget. 

Escape Coloured MultiPlyoBox


Made to the same dimensions as the boxes used for CrossFit, this space saving, 3-in-1 plyobox is perfect for everyone – from introducing beginners to plyometric to seasoned CrossFit veterans.

Read more about the Escape MultiPlyo


Escape Coloured Plyo Box



This colour coded, three box, stacking system opens opportunities for multiple height box jump patterns in frontal, lateral and transverse planes, with target markings integrated into the top surface design.

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Escape Black Plyo Box


These lightweight soft plyometric boxes can be used individually or stacked to create variable height options that match ability and progress. Held in place by strong velcro tabs for a safe training experience.

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Some Plyometric Soft Box Exercises to get you Started

Lateral Step Ups.


Lateral Step Ups

Bulgarian Split Squat

Bulgarian Split Squat

 Glute Bridge

Glute Bridge

 Narrow Incline Push Up

Narrow Incline Push Up

 Wide Incline Push Up

Wide Incline Push Up





In need of some explosive ideas?

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