Fitness Apps with AI capabilities, personalising & optimise training

March 12, 2023 3 min read

Fitness Apps with AI capabilities, personalising  & optimise training

Fitness Apps with AI capabilities, personalized exercise routines that optimise training

Connected fitness equipment allows a trainer to remotely monitor and customize your workout at home or the gym, rivaling the customization of one-on-one instruction thanks to AI powered machines.

How do they work?

Through the use of advanced algorithms, AI (or machine learning) can detect patterns in data. This permits fitness applications and equipment to generate personal training suggestions, which would commonly only be available to competitive athletes, without fail to the regular fitness enthusiast. AI offers the benefit of smarter training, not just tracking fitness development over an extended period, but even providing a program that adjusts to an individual’s present physical fitness and goals. 

 Life Fitness Connect, is a free-to-download mobile app for Apple® and Android™ devices with advanced workout tracking capabilities and on-demand classes to help exercisers stay motivated on-and-off Life Fitness and Cybex equipment. To get the most out of their workouts, premium subscribers can choose from a wide array of Life Fitness™ On Demand studio-style classes and adaptive audio coaching classes led by top trainers.

Life Fitness Connect brings users enhanced connectivity with Life Fitness and Cybex equipment and compatible wearables and heart rate monitors to track workouts in one place. Whether users choose to exercise in fitness facilities, at home or outside, Life Fitness Connect provides ways for exercisers to track workout progress and set individual goals regardless of location.

“Consumers want variety in their fitness routines with access to compelling and personalized classes, and seamless connectivity that allows them to take their workouts anywhere,” said Dan Wille, Global Vice President of Marketing and Product Development, Life Fitness. “With Life Fitness Connect, we are bringing the workout to the exerciser – whether in the gym or at home – with easy-to-use tracking features that sync with equipment and wearables, and a large library of on-demand and audio coaching classes to keep workouts fresh and exciting.”

Life Fitness Connect’s growing library of premium Life Fitness On Demand video classes challenge exercisers with motivating and engaging workouts on a wide range of cardio equipment. The instructor-led classes are designed for all fitness levels and offer a variety of difficulty levels, coaching styles, and popular music genres to choose from.

Built with PEAR™, the app’s premium adaptive audio coaching classes utilize heart rate-based training and users’ biometric data to adjust workout cues in real time. The extensive library of workouts and training plans ranges from high intensity cardio training, some led by Nike® Run coaches, to nighttime yoga flow techniques, all taught by world class trainers and yogis. Users also have the option to add custom music playlists or select symbiotic music from the app during any workout.

Wille added: “We are excited to offer premium subscribers on-demand and personalized workouts with adaptive coaching classes developed in partnership with PEAR®. As we continue to evolve the Life Fitness Connect experience, we are looking forward to working with PEAR to bring new tools and content to the app.”



Concluding thoughts

The advantage of an AI-powered application is that it eliminates the uncertainty of self-training. Rather than utilizing general videos or programs, you acquire a personalized training experience tailored to your fitness level, allowing you to practice within your limitations until you're eager to surpass them. Plus, there's an aspect of security as well. By having access to video visualizations that have been created by an algorithm aiming to motivate you in the right amount, it can help reduce the danger of injury that comes with home exercising.

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