HIIT Training | Cardio & Strength Equipment Ideas

November 12, 2022 2 min read

HIIT Training | Cardio & Strength Equipment Ideas

The Workout

High intensity interval training (HIIT) combines short periods of intense exercise with periods of brief recovery or gentle exercise. During your work intervals, the aim is top form at maximal effort to complete as many repetitions of the exercise as possible in the given timeframe. HIIT workouts typically operate on a 2:1 exercise to recovery ratio but this can be adjusted according to your personal fitness levels.

The Benefits

As the recommended duration for HIIT workouts is between 10 and 30 minutes, HIIT is a practical and effective exercise option especially for those with a busy schedule. Further, several research studies have found this type of training increases your metabolic rate post-exercise due to excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. Steady state cardio is aerobic, requiring oxygen to release and sustain energy for a longer duration. In contrast, HIIT relies on anaerobic pathways to break down glucose for energy without using oxygen.
This leads to increased calorie expenditure past finishing your workout.

HIIT is formulated with the aim to reach an 85-95% maximum heart rate during the work intervals whilst not letting it drop below 60-70% during the recovery period. This variation between different heart rates positions your heart rate into a specific training zone,requiring your body to repeatedly acclimatize throughout the duration of the workout. 

Further, the nature of short work intervals provides you with a greater capacity to work under strain at a higher heart rate intensity. It is this which leads to improved cardiovascular conditioning. Performing movements using multi muscle groups gives rise to strength and muscle endurance. It’s important to remember that whilst speed of movement is useful, it shouldn’t lead to compromising on form. The results come from ensuring you accurately
perform the correct exercise.


HIIT traditionally incorporates bodyweight exercises such as squats, lunges, burpees, press- ups, and mountain climbers.You may consider choosing a HIIT specific Cardio Machine. However, many other preferred forms of exercise can be adopted into a HIIT workout. Traditional aerobic exercise can be modified by utilising a stationary bike or treadmill whilst other equipment such as the rowing machine offers a low impact option.

A  15-minute HIIT workout for those who enjoy running could be as simple as:
1. Sprinting for one minute
2. Walking for two minutes
3. Repeat three-minute interval five times

Including other equipment such as Hiit workouts with dumbbells, battle ropes or a skipping rope adds further variety to a HIIT circuit.
If high intensity interval training suits your workout preferences, the development of specific HIIT training equipment such as the SkiErg provides an excellent workout experience. Please do get in touch to discuss our full product range from the industry’s leading brands.

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