Technogym Key Design Products - Personal Line

November 10, 2022 3 min read

Technogym Key Design Products - Personal Line

Personal Line: The Luxury Gym Equipment


This a unique & exclusive range of luxury gym equipment maximising functionality with safety and an outstanding style. The  Technogym Personal Line, does include a full range of cardio, strength, and stretching equipment, is built in Italy from the highest quality materials.

We understand that while going to the gym is a great habit to form, our lives often get in the way which is why this modern and luxurious home gym range is an ideal solution. As it really does deliver beautiful equipment into your dedicated gym or can blend and add style to your living areas.

Technogym run Personal


Run Personal:

The Technogym Run Personal Treadmill that is designed for both beginners and experienced runners. It's ideal for cardio work and weight loss as well as for defining and toning your leg muscles. Amongst some of its striking features is a silent motor, 15% incline, non-slip handles and edges, easy control with the Run Personal Joystick, a spectacular 21.5” touch-screen display with built-in speakers.


Bike Personal:

The Technogym Bike Personal provides a unique exercise bike experience it is beautifully crafted, ensuring that your ride feels as natural as if you were cycling out of doors. It cleverly features a compact footprint and elegant design, ensuring it fits neatly into your modern luxury home gym. A well-designed walk-through frame makes access to your seating position easy and also every control is conveniently close at hand. The various training sessions guide you step-by-step to your fitness goals, while built-in hand sensors ensure the training pace is always right for you.



Technogym Recline Personal


Recline Personal:

The Technogym Recline Personal static bike, empathetically blends this luxury fitness equipment in your gym with the bonus of an even more comfortable workout. The highly ergonomic design and height adjustable Vitra seat of this recumbent bike are perfect for those either beginning their fitness journey or who may suffer from back or other mobility problems. Consequently, every control and adjustment setting are within easy reach.

Technogym Cross Personal


Cross Personal:

This Technogym Cross Personal elliptical trainer features a digitally connected interface, with a dedicated entertainment platform providing a high-performance Treble Dolby Surround Tweeter Speakers. It turns every total body workout into a multi-sensory experience, the Cross Personal fits right into a suitable weight loss program and exercises every part of your body, as it’s a non-weight bearing movement it puts less stress on your joints.

Technogym power personal


Power Personal:

With the stylish Technogym Power Personal in your home gym, it provides dumbbells, discs, and barbell so giving you everything you need for a total strength workout. It's also totally safe with integrated storage areas, a Smart Lock System, and a chrome-plated bar grip.

Technogym Kinesis Vision


Kinesis Personal:

This is a must-have unique piece of luxury fitness equipment for your home gym from Technogym . Once attached to the wall, the Technogym Kinesis Personal provides 200 or more exercises designed to improve strength, coordination, flexibility, and posture.

Its clever Full Gravity Technology activates your kinetic chains in three dimensions, which means you can exercise single muscles or entire muscle groups. The Kinesis Personal is available in four luxuriously l finishes

• Vision,

• Heritage Black,

• Leather Dark Brown,

• and Leather Gold Brown

When not in use, the Kinesis Personal folds neatly away against the wall.


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