Platforms & Stands Buying Guide

August 02, 2023 3 min read

Platforms & Stands Buying Guide

Platforms & Stands Buying Guide

A punch bag is a highly popular choice for many. Whether you are training for boxing or MMA, or seeking a cardiovascular workout, or simply wanting to release tension, it is a common experience for us all.However, people tend to neglect the importance of the platform or stand when purchasing a punch bag. Without the right platform, the bag won't function as intended, even if you spend a lot of time finding the perfect bag.

Explore various punch bag platforms and stands, factors to consider when purchasing, and the ideal user for each type.


Types of platforms & stands


Freestanding -  Freestanding platforms and stands are typically weighted at the base and support direct suspension of your punch bag. They are perfect for individuals who prefer not to attach anything to their walls or ceiling, and for those who require frequent mobility.

Wall-mountedWall-mounted platforms and stands are attached securely to the wall, ensuring optimal stability and making them ideal for heavy hitters or those using a heavier bag.

Bag and stand - A bag and stand is the combination of two items into a single piece of equipment. While they may not offer the flexibility of interchangeable bags, they are often more affordable than purchasing a bag and stand separately, making them a budget-friendly option.


Other useful considerations 

Space - Punch bags are bulky objects, so ensure that all components of the desired bag, stand, and platform occupy enough space to fit comfortably, as well as enough space for you to move around it easily.

Weight - Weight is a key factor due to two requirements: its effect on the user's performance depending on their strength and style, and the ability of the stand or platform to withstand the weight without collapsing or falling over.

Purpose - Think carefully about your intended use for the bag, as the varied types and weights can make it difficult to determine which one is best suited to your needs, if in doubt contact us to discuss and help fine  tune your choice.

Heavy bag - The heavy bag is an ideal choice for those looking to improve power and technique when using both punches and kicks. It provides the resistance and stability needed for effective training.

Speed bag - The Speed Bag is designed to provide the perfect balance between speed, precision, and agility to help you train your punching skills. Its lightweight construction and adjustable tension make it an excellent choice.

Weight limit - Ensure the purchased platform or stand can support the weight of your chosen bag.

Adjustable - To accommodate multiple bags, users, or frequent transportation, choose an adjustable stand or platform to avoid limitations.

Stability - Ensure stability in your platform or stand, particularly when using a heavier bag. Choose an option that can withstand significant force without tipping over.

Durability - The bag sustains the majority of the damage, but the platform also endures significant strain. When choosing a product, ensure it is of high quality and durable if you intend to use it frequently or if you are a powerful hitter.

User height  - To optimize the effectiveness of your punch bag, it must be positioned at a height suitable for the proper technique. Ensure that the chosen platform or stand can securely accommodate your specific height.

Your budget - Punchbag platforms and stands can be costly, particularly at the high end of the spectrum. Ensure you establish a clear budget and verify the price upfront, so as not to waste time evaluating a product you cannot afford or are unwilling to pay for.

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