Technogym History how they became the Premium Gym Equipment Supplier

September 08, 2022 4 min read

Technogym History how they became the Premium Gym Equipment Supplier


The 1980s: The Birth of the Brand

Nerio Alessandri combines his passion for technology (TECHNO) and for sports (GYM) to create TechnoGym.


At the age of 22, Nerio Alessandri, together with his brother Pierluigi designs and builds his first machine in his garage.


Just one year after being founded, TechnoGym develops and launches its first full strength training range - the Isotonic Line – combining high-performance functionality with a modern and elegant design.

Unica history 1986

The first product designed for domestic use is launched – the Unica is a complete gym which requires just one square meter of space. Technogym’s design fuses state-of-the-art performance technology with the sophistication of Italian design to create pieces of haute interior décor that deliver results
without compromising on aesthetics.

Late 1980s TechnoGym launches partnership campaigns, becoming an official supplier of equipment for the athletic training from some of the most renowned football clubs - including A.C.Milan 0 to globally renowned sportsman - including Formula 1 drivers Ayrton Senna and Michael Schumacher - and major international sports events such as the 1990 Football World Cup.


Technogym Wellness Logo

The 1990s: From Fitness to Wellness

In the early 1990s, Nerio Alessandri introduced the concept of Wellness and in
doing so, sparked a change in the fitness industry towards physical exercise as a source of health for both body and mind. Inspired by technology and electronics, Technogym pioneers a conscious approach to movement.


Technogym invented the CPR (Constant Pulse Rate) system where the intensity of the workout is determined automatically by the user’s heart rate.


Technogym introduces the first equipment for rehabilitation in its product range with biomechanics that deliver movement in the safest way to enhance the recovery process.


The Wellness System is created. Driven by world-class technology, the portable TGS key was innovative in activating equipment and managing user’s programmes and training data through a personal device, predating today’s world of smart watches and fitness trackers.

The 2000s:

Wellness is Everyone’s Business Responding to the global decline in physical activity, Nerio Alessandri utilises the acceleration of technological advancements to create the Wellness Foundation, a non-profit organisation for researching and promoting movement and nutrition education through Wellness.

Technogym Olympics history


Technogym is appointed Official Supplier for athletic training at the Olympics for the first time.


Technogym launches the Wellness TV: the first touch-screen interface integrated into a piece of workout equipment.


The Visioweb represents a breakthrough in technological development. The brand is the first to connect fitness equipment to the internet.

The 2010s:

The Era of Connect Wellness Begins The launch of the Technogym Ecosystem brings with it a new age of physical activity. Technogym’s digital solution based on fitness equipment connected to the MyWellness cloud platform inspires a holistic community of users across the globe with its training sessions and wellness content.

Technogym New York


Technogym opens its first stores in New York, Milan, and Moscow.


As the first cloud-based digital platform in the fitness and Wellness sector, the launch of MyWellness simultaneously enables consumers to connect with their personal wellness programmes anywhere - both on Technogym equipment and via apps on any device – whilst allowing operators to connect with their customers both inside and outside the gym.


On September 29th, in the presence of the President of the Italian Republic Giorgio Napolitano and the former President of the USA Bill Clinton, the Technogym Village is unveiled as the first Wellness campus featuring Technogym’s HQs and factory alongside its research and Wellness centres.


Technogym promotes the first edition of the ‘Let’s Move for a Better World’ campaign– a movement to raise awareness on obesity-related issues and encourage active lifestyles.


Technogym is selected as the ‘Official Wellness Partner’ to promote physical exercise and good health at the 2015 Milan Expo, launching the ‘Let’s Move and Donate Food’ campaign. The campaign enabled visitors to convert their movement - either by exercising in the Technogym areas or walking around the exhibition area - into school meals to be donated to countries affected by malnutrition.


On May 3 rd , Technogym is listed on the Milan Stock Exchange.Deriving from Technogym’s experience spanning two decades as the official fitness equipment supplier to the Olympics, the release of the Skillmill revolutionises the concept of the treadmill. The innovative non-motorised equipment integrates variable resistance as the first product to allow everyday athletes to avail professional sports training in a safe, engaging and effective way.

For the sixth time, Technogym is chosen as the Official Supplier for athletic training at the Olympics Games, held in Rio.

Skill Line HistorySkillrow history


The launch of the Skillrow and Skillrun represent two key additions to the performance training landscape.The Technogym Flagship Store opens in Milan in the same year.


With the release of the Skillbike, the Olympic-calibre Skill Line portfolio is complete, paving the way for athletes worldwide with a complete range of indoor sports performance training equipment. Technogym’s participation at the Winter Olympic in PyeongChang as the seventh Official Supplier of the Olympic Games confirms their expertise in the field.


Technogym again involved this time with Tokyo 2020 at the Summer Olympics.

Technogym cycleTechnogym history elliptical


Technogym launch the Cycle & Elliptical to push new boundaries in the home market,


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