DAP vs Multigym Buying Guide

September 01, 2022 3 min read

DAP  vs Multigym Buying Guide

The Dual Adjustable Pulley

The nature of the dual pulley system sets it apart from other pieces of gym equipment; whilst it is a machine, it retains most of the benefits associated with free weights. A resistance machine which combines two independent weight stacks with a cable and pulley system enables the user to adjust the weight of each side of the machine to train various muscle groups and perform several strength exercises to integrate and build balance, stability, and power. As such, users are provided with the safety of a machine alongside the benefits of free weights.

The Benefits of The Dual Adjustable Pulley

As a multi-exercise machine, the dual adjustable pulley offers an almost limitless number of strength training exercises with some manufacturers listing 225 exercises. The machine allows the muscles of the entire body to be functionally trained; exercises which can be performed using the machine range from isolated upper body and lower body movements to total body exercises including squatting with a bicep curl, whilst the instability of the cable and pulley system focuses your core as a stabilizer. Additionally, utilising the constant resistance of the cable provides ample opportunity to perform abdominal focused exercises in isolation such as the weighted crunch.

The dual adjustable pulley offers a great solution for those who are not able to facilitate a number of different resistance machines, whether that be budget related or where floor space is at a premium.

Things to Consider

It's vital to consider the construction of the system; multiple position pulleys and built-in chin up bars are key components to look out for and if you are looking for finite resistance adjustment, some brands offer small increment weights. For those with home gyms, it’s a good idea to check whether the model you’re looking at has rubber feet as these can help to protect flooring. When considering pricing, check what is included in your purchase; the description of the product should state whether short and long strap handles, bars and/ or ankle straps are included with the machine.


A multi gym such as the Technogym Unica  is a single piece of equipment combining multiple components designed to perform several workout options, enabling users to target almost all the muscle groups into one area. Without the need for additional weights or equipment, a multi gym is a great cost-effective option to make better use of space whilst providing one of the most versatile pieces of gym equipment. Of the more commonly known multi gyms are those using weight stacks however there are multi gyms with resistance instead.

Things to Consider

  1. Weight Stack Compatibility

    The majority of multi gyms come with weight stacks where the required resistance can be adjusted by inserting a pin into the weight stack. To ensure you have a manageable range of weights whilst providing enough scope for lifting development, an ideal weight stack is between 5kg to 90kg.

  2. Exercises You Want to Perform

    Most multi gym models come with a range of attachments to enable users to exercise various muscle groups. These most commonly include the chest, back, arms and legs. However, multi gyms do vary in the number of exercises which can be performed on them. It’s therefore worth paying attention to what attachments are included in the models you are looking at. We recommend a multi gym with at least 11 different exercises on them

  3. Size

    Whilst multi gyms are compact in so far as they are one workstation, they do come in various shapes and sizes and so it’s important to measure your space alongside the dimensions of the multi gym.

  4. Price

    Cheaper models are often a false economy, prone to shorter life spans and therefore, it’s worth investing in a more expensive model with warranties.

  5. Brands

    Considering which multi gym to buy depends on personal choice, budget and fitness goals but some of the best brands on the market include Life Fitness and Technogym or more bespoke companies we also work with. For any further advice relating to the products in this guide, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Benefits of a Multigym

Multi gyms offer great resistance training at home as an alternative option to free weights. By allowing you to perform a different range of weight resistance exercises in one piece of equipment, the multi gym offers a safe and controlled option to lifting weights – something to particularly consider if you are training on your own at home – whilst saving both money and space.

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