What you need to know about the pulseroll vibrating foam roller:

November 13, 2022 2 min read

pulseroll foam roller

What you need to know about the pulseroll vibrating foam roller:

It can be hard to distinguish which products in the fitness market have genuine benefit with longevity in light of the many products available to us. To both active, healthy individuals and those recovering from an injury, the use of vibration technology can be significantly beneficial. However, before you start to use any new form of equipment, those who have pre-existing health problems are advised to visit their GP for a discussion regarding the new programme or equipment first. 

What is pulse rolling?

In order to create fiction against the connective tissues with a traditional foam roller, ie one with no vibration, you need to roll rather vigorously. It is this pressure and friction which in turn creates heat to help the release of tight tissue in the body. 

The technique is very different in regard to Pulseroll as the friction is automatically created by the vibration generated and therefore you do not need to either roll or create any friction on your own accord. In this sense, the user is as a result encouraged to relax. To make sure you achieve the best from the Pulseroll products, the most effective way to do so is just by applying pressure and allowing the vibration of the product to sink into the connective tissue by itself. In comparison to traditional foam rollers, heat and friction are created 50% faster on average due to the maximum RPM of 4000 on the Pulseroll; notice how much more output you gain from the product with much less physical effort yourself. 

What Are Pulse Settings?

The Pulseroll settings can be extremely effective when used the right way to help recovery and performance; due to this the settings are more important than you may initially believe. For activating muscle tissues, settings 1-2 are very efficient because when the vibrations hit the muscle tissue, they also send electrical impulses to the brain. These impulses tell the brain to get ready for exercise, and thereby releasing synovial fluid, the function of which is to lubricate the joints. To reduce the risk of injury and long-term wear and tear of the muscles, this process is therefore necessary every time we warm up before performing any level of exercise. 

It should be noted however that the higher settings have the ability to over-stimulate the muscle tissues and nervous system; this may be significant to your pre-exercise routine because this can cause them to fatigue, therefore leading to a potentially negative effect on performance. In terms of helping with recovery, the Pulseroll top settings are ideal as the vibrations create heat. Recovery is aided because waste is removed due to the blood flow to the muscles which is promoted by the heat generated from the vibrations. It is recommended therefore that when warming up, the lower settings are used, particularly for non-trained individuals as they may not be used to this particular response from the muscle tissue. 

Ultimately, in a similar way to any fitness diet or regime, in order to retain the maximum benefits, it is important to incorporate the Pulseroll vibrating products into your life both at the right time and in the right way, 

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