CrossFit - What is it?

November 06, 2022 3 min read

CrossFit - What is it?

CrossFit Benefits

With constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity, CrossFit is a training program that builds strength and conditioning to improve physical strength, aerobic fitness, agility, balance, and flexibility. 

The universally scalable and modifiable nature of CrossFit allows those of all fitness levels to share equally in the benefits of the program. This is based on CrossFit’s focus on functional movements performed in daily life such as squatting, pulling, and pushing. Research has demonstrated that performing various ranges of these movements promoted in functional training exercises reduces the risk of injury. The workouts include a range of bodyweight and plyometric exercises which can build agility and flexibility, making your body better able to cope with physical stress and daily exertion. By incorporating functionality, intensity and variance.

There are some excellent CrossFit Cardio Machine to consider for your home, whether Air Bikes, SkiErgs or Curve Treadmills or running machines. they are not just the preserve of commercial gyms, highly popular are creating CrossFit Gyms in home garages.

CrossFit workouts combine a practical style of fitness with a constantly varied workout stimulus with different movements and loads, rep schemes and time domains to suit and challenge those who are new to working out and those who have trained for years alike. Participating in the workout of the day – ‘WOD’ – creates variation in your routine. Research has shown it is by creating this new stimulus that enables individuals to progress further in their workout performance and subsequently, their training results. 

 Intensity is a signature component of the CrossFit program. High intensity power training workouts can increase VO2 max - the maximum amount of oxygen your body can absorb and utilize during exercise, thus improving aerobic capacity. However, intensity is relative and accordingly the program targets performing the functional movements with consistency to build endurance over time.


The CrossFit program is designed for ‘universal scalability’, emphasising scaling load and intensity as opposed to changing programs. Particular exercises may not be immediately possible to perform due to strength or injury; accordingly, the program focuses on modifying exercises by reducing the load to insignificant levels whilst preserving the fundamental basics of the movement or offering substitutes of movements for those with similar lines of movement to ensure participants are still achieving the same outcome.

A notable benefit of the CrossFit program is the ability for participants to complete workouts outside of a CrossFit gym class. Whilst the movements can be safely and productively self-taught, the weight-lifting exercises in particular involve an element risk as improper form, attempting to move through exercises too quickly and lifting too heavy a load can lead to injury.

Further, due to the high intensity of CrossFit training, there is a risk in technical form breakdown. A 2014 study published in the Orthopaedic Journal of Sports Medicine surveyed CrossFit participants identifying 20% of whom injured themselves whilst performing CrossFit endorsed workouts. The most commonly injured body regions include the lower back and shoulder area. 

Therefore, it is advisable to find a CrossFit box with a program structured to assess your fitness ability. Credentialed expert coaches will adjust your workouts accordingly and guide you in the safest ways to implement the program elsewhere. CrossFit Affiliate is designed to accommodate beginners to the program and those new to fitness by connecting individuals with trained professionals to bring more quality training to more participants. Beginners should start with a slower pace based on their personal capacities, increasing weight loads gradually as their fitness levels improve. Easing into exercise helps to decrease the potential for injury.

Concluding Thoughts

CrossFit may not be the right form of workout for everyone. If you are pregnant, injured or have other serious health concerns you should always consult your doctor first or work with a physical therapist before starting any new exercise regime. Whilst CrossFit programs have been adapted for those over the age of 65, we would always advise the same. 

CrossFit is a demanding program. Making the appropriate modifications by lowering the load, reducing the reps, dropping a set, and taking longer rest periods to accommodate your fitness levels is simply decreasing the intensity, not limiting your progress. 

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