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November 04, 2022 8 min read


NOHRD Ethically Sourced - Wooden Gym Equipment Innovations

Sourced  from the lush Appalachian Mountains in North America, the wood in  NOHRD range is renowned for its uniqueness and consistency of its wood grains and colour and the strength of its fibres, creating beautiful, refined & wonderful to use NOHRD's Wooden Gym Equipment products with an exclusive look and established quality, capturing:-

To the north of the woodlands, and at higher elevations, spruce and fir forests cover the mountains while further south, in the lower glades, the woods are predominated by a broadleaf mix including the  oak, cherry and walnut varieties WaterRower have used for over 30 years to create their products. 

The hardwoods grown in this mountain region are acclaimed for their strength, durability, and grain characteristics. Unique to these woodlands, the qualities displayed are due to the Appalachian Mountains’ distinctive ecology. The nutrient and mineral-rich soil in the region alongside its climate create idyllic fertile conditions. The warm summers assist in the growth and development of the trees whilst the cool spring and fall seasons and cold winters ensure the slow maturity of the woodlands. It is this environment that allows the wood fibres to grow strong, forming rich colourations and grain patterns in the strong, durable, and beautiful hardwoods.

For almost a century, a thriving lumber trade has existed in this region, prized for producing some of the world’s finest, responsibly grown, and harvested hardwoods. 

WaterRower are committed to protecting this hardwood oasis and supporting the region’s flourishing lumber trade whilst prioritising comprehensive sustainability. The Appalachian hardwood manufacturers trade association (AHMI), of which WaterRower ensure that all their suppliers are members, is one of the few such associations with a division devoted to ensuring quality forestry, the advancement of sound forestry practices and wilderness preservation. Since its founding in the 1940s, members of the AHMI have been educating both landowners and the public about sound forestry practices and sustainable harvesting. 

Utilizing sustainable forest management techniques in the region, WaterRower’s responsible suppliers ensure for every Appalachian tree felled to create their products, 2.5 more grow in its place. Since 2007, more than a billion trees have been added to the region with 300,000 acres of Appalachian Forest added in the past 25 years. This equates to 33 acres a day.

 Some of the family to consider:- 

NOHRD Sprintbok



Equally suited for use as a commercial grade piece of equipment in high traffic gyms or home gyms, the Sprintbok Treadmill is as much a fitness essential in its industry-leading functionality as it is an aesthetic statement. From professional athlete to recreational walker, the Sprintbok Treadmill suits all training preferences.

The NOHrD Sprintbok Treadmill is distinctive from the conventional treadmill not just aesthetically in its slender, curved form and elegant wooden frame but in its innovative functionality. The Sprintbok Treadmill is designed to encourage an ergonomic running style providing a more effective workout whilst offering protection from injury. A curved treadmill promotes the natural way of running through mid-foot or front-foot striking coveted by professional athletes. Its design reduces the likelihood of injury by promoting this efficient style of running whilst the incorporation of a patented flexion system cushions each step, absorbing shocks and vibration and keeping noise to a minimum. Powered by the strength of the user’s legs, speed is determined by how fast or slow users run replicating the experience of natural control felt when running outside. Without any mechanical limitations, a study in the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport reported an average of 30% more energy is expended running on a curved treadmill when compared to the conventional motorised version. 

The high definition 17-inch touch tablet included within the design displays workout performance information and is also compatible with the full range of apps found on the Google Play Store.  

The SprintBok Treadmill is manufactured from the highest quality sustainable materials with all moving parts having been greased for life. Requiring minimal maintenance, the SprintBok is an exceptional piece. At the Training Station, we replicate NOHrD’s 5-year, limited commercial warranty with the option for extended warranties in some instances. 

Dimensions 180 x 175 x 86 cm

NOHrD Slimbeam


This commercial grade weight stack with a height-adjustable cable pulley is set apart from other weight stack systems in its space saving and sleek design. With a footprint less than 0.5m2and available in a range of wooden and metal finishes, the NOHrD SlimBeam seamlessly fits with all interiors. The versatility of the SlimBeam as a multi-functional piece of training equipment allows users to perform resistance training exercises for every muscle group with the adjustable dual cables. The workout manual provided with the machine contains a range of intensity exercises to meet all training needs.

The SlimBeam contains 15 x 5 kg rubberised weight plates, giving a total resistance of 75 kg. Available with 3:1, 2:1 or 1:1 ratio cables the fully adjustable butterfly allows for exercises to be performed at different heights as suited to the user. 

As the SlimBeam is compatible with a range of accessories – sold separately – the variety of possible training exercises to perform on this machine is extensive.

Dimensions: 215 x 40 x 20 cm



NOHrD Bike

The newest product in the range and world’s most advanced indoor cycle, the NOHrD Bike combines state of the art technology with a polished, minimal aesthetic and a footprint of just 0.442metres to perfectly fit into any interior environment. With its wear-free braking technology, solid wood, and steel frame, the NOHrD Bike is built for durability and is equally suited for use in fitness studios, residential gyms, and everything in between.

A passion project for the NOHrD team since its inception in 2015, the NOHrD Bike utilises advanced planetary gear technology that relies on an eddy break current to create smooth and precise pedal action. 

Fitted with a setting disc of infinitely variable resistance, the NOHrD Bike is designed to accommodate all fitness levels and desired workout intensities. Whether you opt for an upright or racing position, the seat and handlebar locations provide a range of positions which can be adjusted to suit users of different size and preference.

The NOHrD Bike does not have an inbuilt performance monitor. Designed to preserve the sleek aesthetic whilst ensuring all performance monitoring upgrades are future proof, the NOHrD Bike features Bluetooth sensors which transmit workout data to the NOHrD Bike App, available on both iOS and Android. Handhelds devices can be securely fitted in place by the retractable holder during workouts. 

Research links sedentary behaviour with several health concerns including obesity, high blood pressure, and increased cholesterol levels. Attaching the desk accessory and back support to the NOHrD Bike creates a workstation, allowing users to exercise while they work. 

Dimensions 117 x 113 x 60 cm

NOHrD Dumbbell Set

Bringing style and practicality to your workout, the NOHrD Dumbbell Set is built and designed with quality and attention to detail. 

The set accounts for nine pairs of weights from 5kg to 25kg with 2.5kg increments between weights, complete with a refined storage rack and is available in NOHrD’s full range of wood types.

CNC-milled in the UK from high-grade, nickle-plated steel and finished with two wood disc accents, the NOHrD Dumbbells’ luxurious design sets it apart from other fitness equipment. Featuring 0.1mm ribbing and anodised black, the handle on the NOHrD Dumbbells is designed for added support and durability. Combining form with function, the angled frame of the solid wood and steel dumbbell rack is not only space-saving but has been constructed for optimal stability, suitable for use in a full commercial fitness facility. 

At the Training Station, we replicate NOHrD’s 5-year, limited commercial warranty with the option for extended warranties in some instances.

NOHrD Eau-Me Board

The patented NOHrD Eau-Me Board is a new generation of balance board, integrating classic balance training with NOHrD’s innovative water design. Suitable for anyone from elite athlete to complete beginner, the versatility of the Eau-Me Board serves to improve the effectiveness of training exercises such as squats, sit-ups, lunges, and push-ups. Performing these exercises on the balance board encourages the body to engage its stabilising muscles to maintain balance during each movement, therefore improving core strength and co-ordination. 

It is the Eau-Me Board’s unique design that adds an extra dimension to core stability and balance training. In contrast to other balance boards, the Eau-Me Board provides a more challenging workout due to the element of moving water. Reacting against your movement, even the slightest unbalanced movement causes water to shift inside the polycarbonate tank, causing the board to become unbalanced. Forced to engage their deep muscular system, the user must balance their weight to counteract the moving water and stabilise the board. 

In conventional fitness training, larger muscle groups work disproportionately whilst the body’s core stabilising muscles are infrequently used increases the likelihood of injury. Building core strength is vital in supporting all other movements and ultimately acts to prevent future injury. The Eau-Me is designed to engage these larger muscle groups that are seldom used on traditional balance boards to build strength in core and stabilising muscles. 

Available in a range of sustainable hardwoods and handmade in Germany, the Eau-Me Board encapsulates all aspects of functionality, design and sustainable manufacturing.

Dimensions: 64 x 17 cm

NOHrD Wall Bars

An update on the gymnasium classic, NOHrD WallBars are an exceptionally versatile, staple piece of fitness equipment. Strengthen your core and back muscles with the NOHrD WallBars or use the different height rungs for rehabilitation exercises. Perform pull-ups and other body weight exercises by pulling out the WallBars retractable arm. A range of accessories work with the WallBars to create a multi-functional exercise training station. The mutli-adapter and workout bench (sold separately) can be hooked onto any bar to expand possible exercise options. 

High-quality and durable, the curved silhouette of the WallBars is available in a range of NOHrD’s signature hardwoods to effortlessly blend into any surroundings. 

Dimensions: 230 x 79 x 13 cm

NOHrD Swing Weights

A stylish and practical alternative to the traditional kettlebell, the NOHrD SwingBell combines handcrafted hardwoods – available in NOHrD’s signature range – and premium artificial leathers to create a unique product that is as durable as it is aesthetic. The set includes2kg, 4kg, 6kg and 8kg pairs of weightsand can be stored in either the Swingbell Tower or SwingBoard.

The SwingBells are filled with tiny iron pelletswhich support the dynamic imbalance of the movement by shifting within case. Designed to generate an extra training stimulus for your joints, muscles and connective tissue, the SwingBells ultimately could lead to improved physical performance.

Available in two options:

The NOHrD Swingbell Tower provides a convenient free standing storage tool. To help with your workouts, dock a tablet or smartphone whilst the technique cards stored within the tower can be positioned in the port when in use. 

Dimensions: 87 x 34 x 34 cm

The SwingBoard can be attached to a wall to hold your weights.

Dimensions 157 x 22 x 9 cm

NOHrD TriaTrainer

Contemporary and minimalistic in design and versatile in its functionality, the NOHrD TriaTrainer is a staple in any home gym. The TriaTrainer can be folded into three different positions to allow for a range of exercises. In the closed position, the TriaTrainer can be used to workout abdominal and core muscles. Convert into a semi-bench to exercise the back muscles and glutes or at full extension to perform all conventional bench workouts with or without free weights. The fully adjustable footrest ensures a comfortable and secure workout.

Expertly handcrafted in Germany and upholstered in black leather-look fabric for optimal functionality, the NOHrD TriaTrainer perfectly combines high-quality materials with a sleek aesthetic to create a luxurious addition to a home gym or living areas. 

Dimensions: 55 x 90 x 35 cm

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