Re-Engineered Life Fitness 5,6,7 & 8 IC Indoor Bike Range

July 28, 2023 3 min read

Life fitness ic bikes

History of ICG & Life Fitness

In 2016, Life Fitness acquired ICG, a company established in 1995. Through direct and distributor channels, ICG provides indoor cycling bikes. Founder and CEO, Bernd Puerschel,  remained in his position his inspiration for creating the German-based indoor cycle manufacturer came from watching a powerboat in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 1994. Puerschel then returned to Germany soon after to become the country's only supplier of these cycles.

 AWARD WINNING EQUIPMENT  Inspired by user feedback globally, the ICG product line was developed to meet those needs. The ICG bikes feature high-tech engineering, industry-leading innovation and modern styling. Accurate power measurement with the WattRate® sensor system (accurate to +/- 1%) and the Coach By Color® function make every workout on ICG Indoor Cycles effective and motivating.

MAKING AN IMPACT  Indoor cycling powered by ICG provides an unparalleled experience. Our six models of bikes boast top-notch technology, pioneering inventions, and modern designs. The digital platform combines captivating tech with stimulating features for enhanced enjoyment in group cycling settings, at home, and on the cardio floor.




 The IC Bike Range Facelift - Benefits Home Training & Group Cycling in Gyms



 Improved Console & digital experience, What ever & where ever your experience

 Whether on the go, in a gym or cycling studio, the ICG App is designed for all levels of exerciser - from beginner to advanced. The app enables users to track and record Coach By Color rides and official ICG workouts, and afterwards, quickly share workout results with friends over social media. The ICG App offers real-time performance metrics, allowing users to track their fitness goals and measure progress against previous workouts. It's a convenient way to monitor your performance and boost motivation.


 Life Fitness app



 The 6 IC Indoor Bikes in the Range.

 Life Fitness IC2 features

 Life Fitness IC 2 Indoor Cycle 

Key Features:
  •  Exercise Bike with a simple friction braking system, offering limitless resistance
  •  Easy-to-use workout console displays key session statistics
  •  Built to withstand high-traffic commercial use
  •  Adjustable seat and handlebars provide a range of ride positions

For more detail  IC2 Indoor Cycle



Life Fitness IC4 Overhead view

Life Fitness IC4 Indoor Cycle

 Key Features:
  • Magnetic brake system
  • No Console
  • Resistance control via lever
  • Supported handlebar height adjustment
  • Full cover shroud
  • Poly-V belt drivetrain system

For more detail IC 4 Indoor Cycle


Life Fitness IC5

Life Fitness  IC5 Indoor Cycle

 Key Features:
  •    WattRate® Power Meter
  • WattRate® LCD Computer
  •  Coach By Colour® intensity guide
  • Connect Technology (Bluetooth & ANT+)
  •  Magnetic brake system with position sensor

For more detail IC 5 Indoor Cycle


    Life Fitness IC6 Indoor Cycle

     Key Features:
    •  High quality TFT colour display with Coach By Color® function
    •  Quiet and low maintenance Poly-V belt
    •  SPD combi-pedal system & adjustable foot straps
    •  100 Magnetic resistance levels ensure smooth cycling action
    •  Self-powered, meaning the bike can be used anywhere

    For more detail IC 6 Indoor Cycle



    IC7 Indoor Cycle

     Key Features:-
    • WattRate® TFT Computer with colour display•
    • Coach By Colour® intensity guide
    • Connect Technology (Bluetooth, ANT+)
    • Self-powered generator with LiPo battery
    • Magnetic brake system with position sensor
    • 300 degree resistance control via dial

     For more detail IC7 Indoor Cycle

     Life Fitness IC8

    IC8 Indoor Cycle

    The IC8 is a high-performing indoor cycle designed for serious riders, as well as a challenging power trainer for athletes of all levels. Inspired by the movement of road and triathlon cycling, it gives an authentic road-bike feel with 155mm Q Factor and handlebar drops, hoods, and time trial forearm rests. Additionally, the chain-driven freewheel enables complete control of accelerations and coasting to recover. Delivering superior power accuracy, wattage, and performance data compared to any other indoor cycle, the IC8 is ideal for cycling-specific coaching, HIIT, and endurance training.

    For more detail IC8 Power Bike






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